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  1. Has sodium laureth sulfate... No wonder when I go out to my grandparents my skin gets better.
  2. Read the reviews... They say it burns like hell.
  3. I eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want to, and I'm pretty much all clear thanks to BP. I also smoke weed.
  4. I'm kind of scared to use the Differin to be honest... After reading about how painful it is to put it on. I have VERY sensitive skin. Plus I'm probably going to only use BP in the morning, and not after school. Does anyone have any experience with Differin?
  5. I started using Dan's BP once again three days ago (I quit a while back for this reason) and my face is cherry red again. I'm a guy with blond hair and my skin is pretty pale and sensitive. So my face looks like a cherry and my neck is white as a ghost. I use 1 full pump of bp morning and night. It also burns way more than I can tolerate. Like I can't even sleep. Maybe I should try using it only at night?
  6. I went back to the derm today and asked for some new topicals/antibiotics and we talked for about 25 minutes. He prescribed me Differin and Tetracycline. He said I should try this regimen: Morning (7:00) Take 2 Tetracycline pills Wash face (Dan's Cleanser) Apply BP (Dan's BP, not much though) Maybe moisturize (CeraVe), although he doesn't want me to use a moisturizer for some reason... When I get home from school (4:00) Apply BP (Dan's BP, not much though) Night (10-11ish) Take 2 Tetracycl
  7. Me (I'm 15) and my group of about 6 people (They're 15-16 also) chill all weekend long. We stay up all night smoking weed, walking around the city, just hanging out. Man it just makes me forget about my acne completely. Then Monday comes and it's time for school - I start obsessing again. Probably because I used to be real smooth with the girls, and my friends kind of expect me to impress them. I never had any acne last year though.
  8. Seriously, it pisses me off that you are calling that acne. That's more like a couple pimples.
  9. My acne looks just like yours and my skin is super sensitive too. I used Dan's Regimen for 2 weeks a long time ago, and my face looked like that the entire time, using one full pump. So I quit, and went to the derm, he gave me some 5% bp gel and told me to use a pea-size amount. I used that for 2 months and my acne maybe even got worse. So I'm trying the regimen again and it's my second day so far. My face is a little red, not dry (I started exfoliating every other day), but I know the redn
  10. My derm gave me some BP gel that didn't really work and made my face red and all other sorts of things. So after about 7 weeks, I was really pissed and said I'm going to do something I've never done before. I put the Proactiv Refining Mask (6% Sulfur I think) all over my face. The next morning my mild/moderate acne was pretty much all faded away. So I used it again the second night, and it looks even better. I can't believe my cure was in my cabinet this whole time. I hope it continues to
  11. I really don't want to manually exfoliate... And my dermatologist recommended Dove before BP. CeraVe is a good moisturizer and it is non-comedogenic. It has many good reviews, and I like it. But the Dove can go I suppose. Right now, 90% of my pimples are non-inflammed. Which is okay with me, but I'd rather have none, of course. I also forgot to mention I'm taking 3 250mg Cephalexin pills per day. And 3 1000mg fish oil pills every day.
  12. I haven't tried everything... There are still many things to try. More topicals/antibiotics. I have not tried Accutane, Differin, Tazorac, or anything like that yet.
  13. I have a lot of really, really little pimples that are skin-colored on my cheeks and forehead. You can only see them in certain lighting and you can feel them on the surface. They seem to just keep coming back every time they go away. My regimen is Wash face with Dove Sensitive Skin Wait 5-10 minutes Apply 5% BP gel (pea-size amount on forehead + pea-size amount on the rest of my face) Wait 5-10 minutes Apply quarter size amount of CeraVe all over face.
  14. Why am i cursed with this? Every single morning/night spending 20-30 minutes washing my face, putting on BP, and moisturizing when it doesn't do shit for me. And some people just wake up, have a great day, and go to bed. I have no self-esteem, and my acne is mild.. I have thoughts of suicide sometimes for some reason and I'm only 15. Before i started getting acne girls were all over me all the time, and THEY always asked me out. Now i just avoid them. i've tried so many things to get rid
  15. Still it should be doing something... I'm still getting new ones. I never touch my face at all or skip my regimen. 1. Wash with Dove Sensitive Skin 2. Wait 5-10 minutes and apply pea-size amount of 5% bp gel 3. Wait 5-10 minutes and apply CeraVe moisturizer. I usually have no breakfast, eat PB&J for lunch with water, and whatever we have for dinner. Shrimp(fried)/spaghetti or spaghetti-os/hot pockets usually. I'm not going to lie, I drink alcohol, Smirnoff usually. By the way, I