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  1. Not everyone gets the IB but it usually happens during the first 2-3 weeks. luckily I did not have one
  2. Hey where did you get the emu oil from?
  3. Looking good!!! You have like no hyperpigmentation hehe keep us updated
  4. Seems like an okay dosage to me I'm weight about 155lbs/male and i'm on 40mg for the whole course anyways hang in there! you'll have clear skin in no time :]
  5. Take accutane with a glass of milk or water? I'm on day 76 and I've been taking it with milk the whole time and just wondering if it's right.
  6. Don't be scared the the IB. I never had one and it just keeps getting better from now. No more oil on my face/dry hair. The only side effects right now is dry lips and a little back pain which is manageable. I wish I started accutane 2-3 years ago It's up to you
  7. Word. I now have eye bags cause of oversleeping which makes me look like a racoon so during the week = 6-8 hours weekend=9-11 hours
  8. hiya good to hear that your face is clearing ohh ya i'm on day hmm 13th already ahaha I know time pass by so fast keep us updated
  9. well I use cetaphil moisturizing lotion and it's my savior
  10. I don't know anything about concealer sorry But i'm just wondering why would you want to cover it and not actually fight the source of your acne?
  11. there is no quick fix for acne so if doxycycline doesn't work out for you maybe move on to another more powerful treatment? accutane maybe?
  12. that doesn't stop you from consulting a derm you could always wear makeup while taking antibiotics or w/e he prescribes you