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  1. Eating yogurt is great for your acne. I recently started applying plain yogurt on my face as a mask every other day as advised by a dear friend of mine who is a fellow acne sufferer. This is an old trick her grandmother taught her to help soothe her acne. The live cultures are not only good for your skin from the inside, but do wonders for redness, irritation, inflammation, and general healing when applied directly to the skin. I use it along with Dan's regimen after cleansing and before BP crea
  2. Oh yeah! Maybe not after it dries, but one time I dripped some of my BP cream (10%) onto my green t shirt and it left a bleached spot. It probably also depends on the strength. Just be cautious when using it and wash your hands after applying it.
  3. Oh yes! I've done this apple fast. Very effective and it's good to do every 6 months. When I did it I read that the water you're drinking should be distilled, and have fresh lemon squeezed into at least half of it. Also, you can have a cup of green tea to help with any mild discomfort which is common for any sort of fast or cleanse. The nightly enema is very important and although it's not the most fun thing to do, you'll feel great afterward. I used the Fleet brand saline enema and just followe
  4. I have moderate cystic acne along with very sensitive skin. I know that the best thing to do it to avoid foundation all together, but I like the way it makes my skin look... before it makes me break out worse. I've tried mineral makeup, oil free liquid, oil free pressed, all natural foundations (which are very expensive I might add) oil free tinted moisturizer, EVERYTHING. Has anyone with the same sensitivities found a decent foundation that doesn't make you break out more?! I don't mind spendi
  5. If you're having itching and burning and redness you may be allergic to it! I just stopped using it a few days ago because not only did my acne get worse, but my skin burned and itched. I called Murad customer care to make sure that this was all part of the purging process and they told me themselves that the burning and itching meant that I was allergic to it and to stop using it immediately. Within 24 hours of not using it my skin already looks and feels much better. If and when you stop using
  6. I suffer from cystic acne as well. I am new to this forum. One thing that really helps with redness is to use plain (no sweetener or flavor) yogurt as a face mask. Just spread in on and leave it for 10 or 15 minutes. I do this almost everyday and it really helps irritation and redness.