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  1. Hey Soph whats going on. I read through your post about your contacts issue, same here. Glasses have never been more comfortable. Basically your eyes have no lubricant when it needs it (don't cook with onions- DO NOT). I think you are in Maine, and i'm in Michigan; its starting to get cold. I've been dedicated to try to finish my course and so i've been taking 2 a day consistently (not getting lazy) and when I forget how much I took, I don't hesitate to take another just to be sure I got my dos
  2. Whats up Soph. I went to the Derma the other day and he gave me my script. I told him about how I reduced my dosage to 1 a day and he said thats too low if I want to finish up on time. So right now i'm taking 80mg a day again, but sometimes i'll take 40 mg/day, which he said was fine. Well since my little mini 2-week accutane hiatus, my skin was looking good, restoring its natural "tan" color and hair got thicker, skin just looked awesome. But now that i'm back on its all dry again. Shit. I o
  3. Hey man. So when you say you are taking 80mg, you mean 40mg, twice a day, right? Right. Probably. I don't know how much you weigh but i'm about 190-ish (muscle, fyi) and I definitely feel like 80mg is too much. I mean, my eyes were just incredibly fuckin dry. And the inside of my right nostril (lol) has like a permanent blood crust/layer on the bottom inside of my nostril. Its fucking weird. Its small but its annoying. Its just totally dried up, I have to put vaseline on the inside of my nostr
  4. Are you f***** kidding me? What the hell kind of math is that? Lets analyze this... 1. 85% of people who take accutane the first time, are cured indefinitely... 2. Most people on this forum HAVE acne, and are looking for cures. It is safe to say, MOST people that have cleared their acne with accutane are NOT on this forum. 3. So the people that haven't been cleared by accutane (small %) out weigh the math, because MOST of the people who failed with accutane are on this forum (small small %
  5. I'm using those too, but I have the gel. I wear contacts too and it sucks. I blink so much in my 9 AM class I swear people think I have tourettes or something. My face cleared up real quick, its weird, right now my face is in and out of breakouts. Like i'll get a few cysts one week and i'll pop them, then the next week i'm really clear. Right now I think the fluctuations are more on the "clear" side, at least I hope its going more and more in that direction. I was reading on this site about so
  6. How are you doing? I have about 2 months to go or so (2.5 maybe) and i'm getting annoyed of it. I'm getting really pale and it sucks because I am usually a nice tan. My eyes are really friggin dry all the time and it sucks when I wear my contacts, which is about everyday. Have you had any bad symptoms like that yet? 2 MORE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!! freshy
  7. You idiots. All the people that have cleared skin from Accutane, aren't sittin on Acne.org living in the past. They are living their lives and loving every minute.
  8. You need to STOP THE FUCKING THINGS YOU ARE DOING. When you get off accutane, all you should be using is a mild dove soap or soft, easy soap. You skin is hyper-irritated. I mean, wow. What the fuck are you thinking trying all these skin-peeling products. You didn't tell your doctor that you are doing this, did you. Probably not. Just get the fuck off these products for a few MONTHS. Jesus Christ. People want to see clear skin, instantly the day they get off accutane. You might have a bad react
  9. I gave you my advice. Xquisite is wrong though, most people DON'T go on accutane more than once. It permanently shrinks the oil glands. For me, I was clear (crystal clear) for about 2 years after. I am on second course, but I didn't really need it. I could have taken some other pills for my *mild* acne but I am greedy, I know how well accutane works. I won't settle for anything less than perfect skin, now that I know what it is like. I will have permanently clear skin forever after this course.
  10. Hey, your skin looks great btw. After my first round, I was clear for about 2 years. I mean gorgeous skin. Not oily, never had to wash my face (Although I did), and just perfect skin. Well this last year I had pretty good skin with only a few pimples here and there, few mild break outs but nothing really bad like cystic acne or anything. I would just use my roommates 10% benzoyl peroxide and i'd be alright. More curently, this summer I was getting a few cysts or some randoms. Ok overall skin b
  11. Hey why the hate? I was just being funny... I didn't know the forum's tone was so against humor, sorry. Anyways, stick with it and you will have perfect skin...i'm a little further down the road than you (3 weeks) but its my second time....3 more months. Just 3 more months.
  12. Fair enough. Sorry about the tone. Well if we can agree on one thing, one factor that does contribute to cystic acne must be problems with the sebaceous glands size & production, and/or other things. I was reading through one of your posts about how a collar shirt gave you a cystic acne line. This light a blub in my head: I have a line below my chin, and sleep on my face. This blocks the "turnover of dead skin cells" you talk of, thus blocking the exit of the sebum oil, thus creating a cy
  13. Do your research before you throw around info for others; Where have you learned all this? Sadly, you are very misinformed. I never said Acne is “purely due to excessive sebum.†But cystic acne is. Granted you remove the external varirables from the Acne equation…aka wash your face.