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  1. Hi how can I post pictures directly into a post, like this one that Im writing just now?!
  2. Hi altogether in two days im going to have my first smoothbeam session here in switzerland...i'm really excited. Iam going to post pictures on the picture gallery, where i already posted some pictures once. im going to have 4 treatments, always 4 weeks in between, and i try to take pictures with same lightning every 7 days. my question now is, how can i support the process of the skin? ive bought vitamin c? how much? i have super copper peptides serum and super cop, what and how o
  3. to tamara: i´ve already tried (or better i´m still trying ) glycolic peels and copper peptides. its now 3 monhs, and i see some results but they are minimal. so i was thinkin to try something new. i also think that one should go from the less invasive methods up to the more invasive methods ,to reduce side effects and risks. on the other side, hello50 is right that like this you have to probably wait longer to see results. so, subcision and needling in very difficult to find someo
  4. I dont know how other people perceive my scars, some of them that i talked about it (only 2) said that its not bad at all, but I think what matters is what you think about it (and perhaps they only say that for support..) what i've read in the last, is that smoothbeam seems to work on a lot of people. so do you think that could also work for my scars on cheeks (see pictures!) and for those who have already done several of the non ablative lasers (n-lite, cooltouch, v-beam), where are the dif
  5. after a hot weekend im back at this board. to bornunderabadsign and missproxility: i can understand you both...i mean, the comment of bornunderabadsign is a little bit hard, but i understand it more like he explained afterwards than as an insult or something like that. i just want to say that even if my scars are not so bad as others on this board,everyone can have psycological problems with it...but on the other hand one should see things in the right relation, so I dont' want to complain to
  6. mark, when the pinch test says that the skin is not been hold down by scar tissue, does it mean that needling is also not useful?!? i tried once self-needling,have not seen visible results, but i was thinking to try it another time,because people say that you see improvement more after the second session...
  7. thanks for all your replies and inputs!! from what i've heard laser doesn't help a lot with indentations, so i don't think i will try this...i take the glycolic peels + copper peptides approach (which is also an exfoliation method) or are there lasers that are especially desinged for collagen growth and scar tissue distruction?!?(eg. smoothbeam, i don't know it) for the fillers, i've heard mixed results. do you think its worth to try first the collagen fillers that are only temporary?!
  8. yea, you know, when I don't see me in the worst light possible, Im quite happy with my face, but then from time to time (for example now that I took the pictures) I see the whole dept of the scars. Fortunately I've just 2-3 scars on the left cheek that are really bad, the rest is more a little uneven skin and with peels I think i can work on that. but with the 3 rolling scars on the left???i'm a bit suspicious that anything works on them,and i don't know if the indentations improves with just c
  9. i'm trying already glycolic peel (30%) with copper peptides (yesterday started with super cop). can/do you use vinegar at the same time as glycolic (eg. morning peels, evening vinegar) or is that not a good idea?! about subcision:where would be the closest place from switzerland to do it?here they don't seem to know this procedure yet. and from your experience, what kind of scars do I have and do you think that peels and peptides are working on these scars?! thanks for your answers!
  10. hi to everyone! finally I managed to post my pictures of my scars on the gallery!! I took more or less 100 pictures and put the worst ones in this thread so that you can see them better! it is mostly under special light (from behind,at an angle) that you see them. Could please everyone that has had experience with some of the scar reduction methods (creams,needling,subcision,peels,...) advice me what they can recommend for my scars?! Especially maya and oursfan, could you give your comme
  11. Hi guys since I live in Switzerland I ordered the Dermaroller from germany. Now my question is: do you think it has the same effect as needling,even though it doesnt go so deep? Do you think its useful to use it twice a day?
  12. Hi! has anyone of you tried super copperpeptides that they offer at skinbiology.com? I?ve been using the exfol serum after glycolic acid (5% and sometimes 30%) and the results have been minimal. or let me correct: the overall skin looks better ,the texture is better and so on... but the indentations got better perhaps something between 0-10%! So I was wondering if someone has experience with the stronger product. Because I believe that the only think that can helb with indented rolling or i
  13. Hi to everyone! I just wanted to start a survey of the three methods of scar reduction that I use to see how you combine these ones together and to see if you have remarks to my little "survey", I have to say I have superficial scars, rolling scars and even one ice pick scar: Exfoliating methods : I use the glycolic acid at 30% every 5 days (only 3 times yet). Other methods to exfoliate would be microdermabrasion,tape peeling,laser,other peelings. What are your experiences with this method
  14. ld we start posting here instead of the very long existing needling-thread? Will report more when I see how this needling-session will result. I will try the area that I did the first time soon, so then I can tell you about second times experiences
  15. I've bought the 30% glycolic acid kit at homepeels and received it yesterday! my problem:there are two bottles, one is the skin prep toner, the other the glycolic acid. From the travel I can't read the etiquettes anymore!! I can only see that one liquid is more transparent while the other is a little bit more yellowish. Can someone tell me which is the acid? Thanks. Raffaele