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    The Jonas Brothers, animals, reading, writing for fun, socializing, volunteering anywhere pretty much, playing piano and organ, meeting new people, talking and hearing other people's stories. I also love online forums, music, I love to give advice (even though its not that good sometimes), going to church (catholic), I've been a vegetarian since Val day of 2008 or so and I love it, prolife (VERY into this) etc.<br /><br />I can't wait to meet you!
  1. Hey! I don't mean to be a creeper, I was just wondering, do you have an account on Megsmakeup? Your profile picture looks familiar! aww that stinks. Have you tried nutraderm? It is a bit harder to find, but your local drugstore can order it in to their store for you. It soaks into your skin really well, and I know this wouldn't be a concern for your hands but it doesn't break you out. My derm recc'd it to me for my face and I use it on my hands/legs too and it works as an eye makeup r
  2. I'm using St. Ives makeup remover, but Idk if I like it or not yet. Alot of people use the Clinique Take the Day off makeup REMOVER (not cleanser!). Youtube and Makeupalley.com have some great reviews on those types of things if you're interested!
  3. awwh I'm sorry!! I have the same problem, except I have more, and it's spread out, it's not all in on 'battleground' area I was suggested on MUA (makeupalley.com) to use a Dove beauty bar for sensitive skin, or on here there are numerous threads on how to use Head&shoulers (Yes, the shampoo!) the original type. Best of luck with it!
  4. Here's what I have read to do: ~H&S classic (the others have aggravating ingredients and are too comedogenic (espec conditionar)] ~IDk about which works better, but I apply in the shower and leave on for a few minutes while I shave/shampoo/etc. ~DO NOT use a massage sponge on your bacne! It's only going to make it 10x worse!
  5. Does anyone on here use Makeupalley.com??? I <3 that site, but was wondering how you go about even-ing out your swaps?? Not like dollar for dollar, but just to make it fair and even?
  6. JuicyStar07 has a review on it, that I <3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1acCQXZsEmM&feature=channel_page Here is one that might help too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-aDzyCAoO8 I hope that helps!
  7. Oh, well it looks gorgeous!! Aloooooooooot better than mine What medication are you on?
  8. Yeah :P I it!! Oh....I see!! I guess I can see where they are coming from, but I enjoy the feeling to an extent; it makes me feel like my skin is actually getting cleaned. haha but that's just me I guess =)
  9. OMJ I swear, I've been having the exact same thing!! It's Sooooo annoying!! I was like Oh great...the acne is already bad...and NOW the dandruff!! UGH! I have been using Head and Shoulders lately; one of the less stronger products and it has controlled it pretty well. Actually really well. But now I'm seeing some flakes...so I might move onto Selsun Blue. I've heard ppl go on and on and on about that product. Including my brother who absoleutly <3'd it! (The boy who hates all thing skin car
  10. Your dress is absoleutly GORGEOUS!!! I <3 it!! especially on you!!! I'm soooooo super jealous of your back...lol sorry...I just want a gorgeous tan, CLEAR back!! SO badly... I have heard AH-mazing things about MAC studio Sculpt (not fix) foundation! As for primer...NARS. Idk... I have been on a makeup-youtube-tutorial high for too long...idk what to tell you!! haha sorry! If I think of anything, I will post back. I hope you have a really good time at PROM!
  11. Hi Everyone!!! I just wanted to share with you some exciting news and hopefully *crossed fingers* a regimen that will work for you. So, after Biore stopped working and only controlled my acne, I decided to move on and after tons of looking and research I found St. Ives. However, after what I had read from the people on here about how much they did NOT like it, I was really hesitant. But I saw the price ($2-$3) and my mom said it was worth a shot...so we gave in. And I'm SO glad we did!!!!!!!
  12. ohhhh ok Thank you for replying!! Does my back or where I apply it to have to be moist (if I apply outside of the shower?) Also, I forgot to ask.. How often should I do this? everytime I shower?? Thank you!!!
  13. Hi Everyone!! I was reading the thread about H&S as the solution to bacne, so I decided to try it out. I was wondering how you apply it and if you are supposed to leave it on for a while (if so, how long?) And if there is anything else I should know..... I bought the original/classic one... Thanks!!!!
  14. My acne is almost EXACTLY the same. Clinique foundation paired w/ bare minerals powder has worked well for me in the past. Good Luck!
  15. This means styling it down and out of my face or wearing it up. Do you guys ever feel uncomfortable doing this? Or would people already have realized you have acne and don't care? Well I've got hair that's just a little past my shoulders, and so I can curl/straighten it easily. However, I see what you're saying. W/ some days worse than others, I leave it down, hoping it will hide my face. But I just think that, heck.......if they don't want/like me b/c of my acne why would I want them as a fri