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  1. This is the same thing, right (for UK)? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Concha-Nacar-Perlo...9511&sr=8-1 Might aswell give it a shot. On second thoughts, I don't think it is. Gonna just use Amazon.com instead and ship it over here.
  2. Did it yesterday evening. 1.5mm, didn't really hurt at all. So I thought I wasn't pressing down hard enough. Still didn't hurt much . What pain there was felt kinda good! Skin was definitely red afterwards, and there was one tiny speck of blood in one part... Not doing anything special except for this, and taking multivitamins. Question, is it ok to use (Dan's/Website) BP over dermarolled skin. I haven't yet, as you hear shit about free radicals and stuff. Don't want to make anything worse. I
  3. I've just got a 1.5mm roller, some moderate box scars on my cheek a few deeper ice pick scars which I don't expect so solve any time soon. I don't have anything in the way of topicals. All I do right now is cleanse and use this website's BP and it keeps the acne at bay. The guide book said to use hot water to sterilise it, and occasionally a proper steriliser fluid and to not soak it for long times. Use it 3-4 times a week and not press so hard that you start bleeding, and that it should last ab
  4. So can anyone provide some links as to where I can buy one of these. Might aswell give it a shot, nothing too drastic. Like a beginners set would do. Just to check it out. Would be nice if someone made a decent FAQ/Guide about all of this. The first post doesn't really help at all. I guess something like this seems alright: Derma Roller Treat Scars Wrinkles FYI I'm not on anything special. Just using BP and over-the-counter cleansers which seems to be doing a good enough job
  5. I didn't know it was on Amazon. Better than using this website and Paypal (no offence, I guess). It got to a point where I didn't want to keep on ordering from California. I was gonna ask what's the best UK alternative to Dan's BP (it's the only thing that seems to work for me) because I didn't want to keep on doing this...
  6. I don't ever remember being charged customs. Then again, I've only ever ordered things amounting to less than £20 for the most part. But even when I ordered the BP + Cleanser I don't remember being charged customs duty..?
  7. It doesn't ball up, it lines up. Well....you know, well I guess it's balling up but then it's just me that somehow rolls the ball like my hand is a rolling pin which makes it look like a line. But anyway, it used to ball up alot on me. But after awhile it stopped doing so, so It must be something on my side that was the problem and now I'm used to it, so it doesn't happen as much anymore I guess
  8. Hmm, yeah I get oily skin too. Basically the temperature of my surroundings has to be a very cold/chilled sort of climate for me to not start getting oily, and even then after awhile as my body heats up/gets used to it, I start getting oily again. Mainly on and around the nose, It's basically like I'm sweating too much and I guess I'm also producing too much damn oil I'll try this out, I'm sure when it comes to things like your skin producing too much oil, it has to be some sort of diet/nutriti
  9. Well, you know that you can get a guy if you want. So, that's not the problem. Word to the wise, have some fun in that department of your life (doesn't mean you have to be a slut) before you go looking for something serious. Who knows, something that may be considered "fun" may end up turning serious. Give it all a chance. It's all a giant lottery.
  10. I don't get why people get so upset about these things. Hey, at least you had a boyfriend, right? At least, you had that experience etc.. At least you know, that you can get someone. I could chip in here talking about myself now, but I'm not gonna hijack the topic. Just remember what I said, for yourself. Cheesy phrase coming up: Better to have loved and lost (and have been loved) than to have never loved (aaand been loved) at all