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  1. hey man,, howz you acne?? any better :/... well I gotta say that my acne is now very much good n gone... yeaayyy!!

  2. yeah he has a handsome body & face,, this guy is helping me wid my acne and also gave me [acnefreein3days] ebook

  3. Well, the obvious answer is that no alcoholic beverages of any kind would be better, but... yeah, c'mon. I drink every once in while, even undiluted, and don't have any problems. Just try and stack as many anti-inflammatory changes into your life to stand against the few inflammatory that you happen to fall into every now and again.
  4. It does not depend on the severity of your acne. I had severe acne and diet cleared it. And it's never 'biology pure and simple.' With acne, just like obesity, cancers, diabetes, heart disease, etc, genetics only count for part of the odds in developing a disease or condition. The rest is what you do. I frequently hear doctors say genetics count for about 30%. What diets did you test? Same here, I had severe acne, huge cysts and a ridiculous amount of smaller zits on my face
  5. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/questions...39#entry2666139 Here is a link to my answer I gave another person asking for some dietary advice. I suggest reading the stickies in the holistic section as well, which outline the effects of dietary fat and insulin responses on acne quite well. PM me if you'd like more info.
  6. Your overall state of health will dictate if you get acne or not, and whether or not you eat a diet that promotes the production of inflammatory prostaglandins or anti-inflammatory ones. Like others have said, if your body isn't designed with acne as its "Hey, wait! You're eating a bunch of crap and causing me a lot of stress!" then other problems will arise in the future. Trying to defend eating an unhealthy diet is retarded anyways.
  7. Various studies have shown that between groups of people drinking a certain type of soda and those drinking the diet variant, the latter group had a harder time losing weight. Also, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that diet sodas are just as bad for acne as real soda anyways. Besides, they taste horrible. I highly suggest just drinking water as your beverage of choice. Also: eating a healthy and anti-inflammatory will make your red marks disappear MUCH more quickly, besides the obvious ben
  8. It's a little annoying when people state how absurd an idea is without properly researching their point first. You see absolutely no reason why acne could be caused by masturbation? Really? Okay, well then, go research the effects of ejaculation and then try. A well documented conversion of testosterone into dihydro-testosterone (DHT) takes place on a fairly large scale every time someone ejaculates. DHT has been shown to have between 3-10x the androgenic capacity as testosterone, or, '3-10x the
  9. The problem is that nothing can ever be 'the case' about anything in relation to acne. The correlation comes only from large amounts of anecdotal evidence, and thus is nearly a moot point, which is why I was so indecisive in my last post. I wanted to note it, however, because I would like to encourage everybody to eat a healthy diet, because beyond helping out with your acne, it provides a ridiculous amount of other benefits. Anyhoo, you don't need to go through a major change of diet (unless y
  10. Well, actually, having a fast metabolism usually correlates with a higher chance of dietary-induced acne. Some other guy eats McDonald's and gets fat, you eat McDonald's and get acne. Of course it's not as cut and dry as that, but I would take it as even more of a sign that diet is affecting your acne. Or maybe not. Freakin' acne...
  11. Digesting foods quickly (having a fast metabolism) is usually considered a good thing - you don't keep toxins in your body for long periods of time, you're generally more regular than those with a slow metabolism, and, well, most people with fast metabolisms generally have a difficult time putting on weight. Also, I assume you're not blowing your nose in fear of causing acne under your nose/above you lip? You could just blow your nose into your hand in the shower and wash it away, it's easy and
  12. Dang, it sucks that it took you that long to acquire that information... but at least you have it now, right? All things considered, only having to avoid dairy is a pretty sweet deal.
  13. "unable to get acne" so in some cases, a case of acne is not necessarily the sign of a person who is worse off health wise. His clear skinned friend could be just as bad, but the damage is staying on his inside. but then why dont they have acne in non western countries? their livers would still be burdened by numerous things, like less than clean water, vitamin defencies, etc and some of those people must have overactive sebaceous glands. so why don't they get acne? Because acne is infl