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  1. Hey! Thanks for the add(:

  2. I'd have to agree with the confidence factor too...At times I definitely feel like my acne is the main thing people (particularly girls) notice about me...but I've noticed that if I just maintain confidence (like "yeah I have acne but that's the worst thing about me") and not shy away, then I can pretty much see in their eyes that the acne isn't that big of a deal. I will say it takes some time and has it's ups and downs, but if you just keep your head up and look em in the eyes with confidence
  3. Well from the responses Ive read it seems you're in the right place....I've felt about the same way too....stuck wondering why in the world I had/have to have acne and how different my life could be/could have been w/out it. I'm 24 now and i've honestly felt like my life is just never gonna be where I think it should have been. It's funny someone used the Olympian comparison cause for me I was doin great playin baseball, was on track to get a scholarship and then I tore my hamstring running
  4. Yeah, it's like you said Hollywood, just when they're goin away and it seems like everything's gonna clear up, a couple new ones'll come in and be there for at least a couple weeks. Vicious cycle. But as for shaving every day, I don't know but I've always thought the shaving was irritating so I tend to let it go for around a week between shaving(my beard doesn't grow too vigorously)...I use an electric shaver and to get a really close shave it definitely seems like I gotta press too hard and
  5. Hey man, I definitely have about the same thing goin on, and it's pretty confusing cause right now one side of my neck's a lot worse than the other, and my face is pretty clear, it's just my neck that seems to break out CONSTANTLY. Pretty sure it's got a lot to do w/shaving, but what really pisses me off is how long it sticks around, I mean I've had the same pimples for at least a couple weeks and I treat em w/Benzoyl Peroxide 10% and they just don't wanna go away, or at least not very quickly.
  6. I posted this before and nobody responded so I'm gonna post it again, hopefully some of you can relate.... I've had acne on my neck for quite some time now that just won't go away....I treat it w/an exfoliating scrub in the shower and try to be gentle w/it, and then I apply benzoyl peroxide with a vitamin C moisturizer. Just recently started applying a retinol/salyclic acid cream at night too w/out the BP. But for some reason the acne just stays there, inflamed and red, and just doesn't seem
  7. I'd have to say it's a combination of things but I think it's mainly genetic, as both I and my sister have it, and both my parents remember having it. And that's the only way I can explain how people can do the same things/eat the same foods, etc. yet one person will have acne and the other not. Definitely not a matter of cleanliness since as you know even homeless people who don't wash still have clear skin somehow, and it's not just diet since I know people who eat junk and don't breakout.
  8. Thanks Lisa, I really appreciate it. Especially the fact that you acknowledge that it's NOT easy. Last night was actually pretty good, went to a little hip hop lounge my friend was djing at and had a pretty good time, and didn't drink either. Met a couple girls and my friend said they said they thought I was "cool." Doesn't mean they thought I'm attractive, but at least I didn't make too bad an impression and they didn't say I'm ugly or anything so I guess I'm not too bad. I think I'm on the
  9. Thanks, I REALLY appreciate the input/support. Lisa- I especially like how you said even after realizing how ridiculous we're being it's hard to get out of that mindset. That's the truth right there, cause even after last night, as much as that helped, today was STILL hard for me, and I guess I just have to keep on keepin on and things will just get better and better. It's like I'm always inhibited you know?? I just can't seem to break out of my shell I guess, unless of course I drink but I d
  10. So I just had a pretty long, in-depth talk with my younger sister about acne and self-conciousness/letting acne hold me back from doing things or approaching girls,etc. and I must say I'm glad we talked. It's sad on my part and aggrevating on hers how many times I asked her if my acne really wasn't as bad as I thought, because I was and to a certain extent still am CONVINCED that my acne looked/looks pretty bad, and that most girls would simply not find me attractive. I don't have the worst ca
  11. Yeah man...actually I've been the same way.....not sure exactly what it is but I've also been off work awhile now. But I definitely seem more relaxed or whatever as the night falls, and when it's about time to go to sleep I'm feelin pretty good. In the morning and most of the day though it's just like you said: self-loathing, anxiety and depression, even when the weather's near perfect which it usually is here.
  12. -when someone asks if that's a hickey on your neck but it's just acne
  13. Just wondering if/how many of you have this same problem: I get pretty bad acne on my neck, particularly to the side of my adam's apple but also straight down from my ear and then on the back of my neck at the hairline. Also on my upper back/shoulders but it's mostly scars now except for one I think is a cyst that WILL NOT go away. Anyway the thing is, they seem to stay there and not change much a lot longer than I would expect, seems like around two weeks. They're pretty bumpy, not those li
  14. since someone already mentioned hip-hop, "Get U Down" by Warren G came out a couple years ago after Hurricane Katrina and it's a nice jam the hook goes "Don't let no oooooone....nooo ooone....get you dooooooowwwnn....and if they dooooo, iiif theeey doo...i'll be aroooouunnd."...
  15. I'd have to say I've wondered whether it was worth it to go on living before myself, and I guess there was a time when it wasn't to me and I almost took my life but didn't, and I'm glad I didn't even though I'm STILL depressed and STILL bitter that my life hasn't turned out how I once envisioned when I was a kid growing up. Life's a trip. Just this morning I got to thinking how I don't feel like I have a purpose, like I'm just existing. But one thing I never forget is that it's not up to me w