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  1. thank you! and good luck to you too
  2. there isn't any acne at all on my face and it feel completely smooth thankfully, but it still looks really weird. it's really blotchy in some sections and is really dull looking. is that normal?
  3. I was on tazorac in October and then I switched over to accutane in January. To me, the tazorac was 10 times worse than the accutane. The IB was horrible snd it felt a lot dryer. With accutane, I haven't gotten one, it just started getting better quickly.
  4. im on my second month too, and when i went to see my doctor the other day he said it could get worse during the 6th week and last for about a month or less. good luck with everything
  5. is accutane suppose to skrink your pores?
  6. i got the pills and i take 40mg a day. im getting really nervous with all the side effects though. anyone who was on it, how long was it until everything started drying out a lot?
  7. thank you so much. right now im leaning towards the accutane. i just want to get it done with and i know theres not an 100% chance it'll work, but it has amazingly for so many people and im just sick of this.
  8. ive been on tazorac for 2 months and im starting to see it getting better. its no where near how i want it but theres hardly any bumps left. my derm says he wants to start me on accutane this time next month but since its getting better, its my dicision whether i go on it or not. do you think i should stick with the taz longer or try to end it with accutane?
  9. my derm says today he wants to start me on accutane in 5 weeks. since im on tazorac now, will that take away from how bad the initial breakout will be? because right now he says it looks like the IB that everyone gets on accutane anyways. im still iffy about it.
  10. i've been on tazorac for the past month and my face looks horribe. i know theres suppose to be an IB but it looks so weird to me. im breaking out in places i never have before and it looks like its a really bad rash. did anyone have something similar happen to them?
  11. csws

    does yaz

    thanks so much im just scared that its going to get worse because im on the IB of the stuff i have now, and its horrible. i really dont want it getting worse.
  12. csws

    does yaz

    really do anything good? i havent seen too many positive things about it.
  13. I used it for about three months, but had to go off it because the refill cost too much (I have no insurance). I started Tazorac the same time as doxycycline and I wasn't sure which was most to credit for clearing up my acne, but after I went off the taz I noticed small but noticable increase in surface zits (the doxy controlled my cysts), particularly on my back, so it seems it was doing a decent job while I was on it. Like all retinoids it can dry you out, so my doc recommended easing into it,
  14. good luckkk . im 15 too and have the same problem and it sucks. i just got tazorac today and im scared.