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  1. Hi everyone, I always have extremely dry skin. Some time ago, I have these little bumps on my left cheek, and they look like they are burnt. Please advise. Thank you. [Edited image out]
  2. I am depressing because of all these marks that stay on both of my cheeks. Is there anything I could do to get rid of them? Thanks.
  3. Is there a way to apply that? For instance, BP before AHA, and moisturizer after. Do you leave the AHA on or let it stay for a few minutes and wash it off?
  4. Hi, I hope to get good advices from you guys. I am having the worst skin condition in my life. After 1 month on accutane, my face is now covered with acnes. They are mostly filled with pus,or looked swollen. It all started with many small bumps. After some time, when the acnes are gone, they left many dark spots or blemishes. I've read that glycolic acid or AHA could help to remove blemishes. I have just bought the neostrata gel plus which contains AHA. But I am not sure how to use it. Thanks
  5. I nv have this problem but recently i have tiny small bumps on my cheeks and above my left eye brown. Not even accutane can get rid of them. There isn't any pus, obviously they are not acnes. I've attached a pic on it. Someone please advise. Thanks.
  6. ya ya... my nose is always red...can someone tell me why???
  7. how do they look like? Well, my scars on the nose received lotta awful remarks. Beside that, all those holes always fill up with dirt and cause discomfort.
  8. I've got a question here. I read a few threads on the instruction of dermarolling, but I hope someone could tell me the steps of dermarolling here. Like, what to apply before rolling, what apply after rolling, what to expect, how many times per week etc. I have got a 1.5 mm which I will use it on my nose only.
  9. Hey Kabuki, thanks for your advices. were you saying u applied tca straight after you prodded with the needle?that is madness...hurt like hell i suppose...
  10. what abt combining tca and dermaroller??like dermaroll it, then tca it weeks later.
  11. Kabuki, can you tell me wat did u do in detail? thanks....haha..am desperate..
  12. hey guys, what about dermaroller? do you think it helps?
  13. haha..cat attack!!!remember once I was in the army when I was hospitalised due to a poisonous plant which cut my face (in fact, it cut my nose). I was told by many people, "oh..look at that...the cut on the nose...so deep..." not one person, but a couple of them...
  14. yeah...the worse is .."your nose is decomposing." haha.... maybe i should find those powder that matches my tone color and fill it up in that "hole"..or i can use the "hole" as an extra pocket....
  15. oh..think I'll just leave it for now then. It does cause some social effects esp when few people once told me... "your nose is melting..." "you need serious help on your nose..." haha...I hate my nose...