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  1. i hate the ones u get around the eyebrows, so annoying, especially when u get them between the eyebrows and it looks like your a hindu or something haha!.
  2. Putting the blame on God seems like the easy option, but you know it aint his fault when you realize that the whole time you've been praying, demanding for your acne to be cured, that you are just talking to yourself...
  3. It wont scar, it is just like a normal scab anywhere else on your body that heals, it gets darker before it gets lighter.
  4. I remember when I was like that, scared to face the world because of my face. Hang in there! A great treatment I found was BP (Benzoyl Peroxide). I recommend trying that if you have not already. Goodluck! As Naruto said ~ NEVER GIVE UP!
  5. Rash maybe but calla gave some great advice. happy new years.
  6. hey ~ yes this place is wonderful and yes you will find help here.. maybe too much, lol i hope you find a cure and happy new years!!
  7. Loooks very irritated, probs done more damage to it maybe? yea ice works well
  8. I got stuff a little like that, just remember no picking.. picking will make it look like absolute shit. anyway i suggest panoxyl bp