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  1. I am amazed that almost a year has gone by since I started the regimen. If anyone is thinking of trying it but not really wanting to spend the money - I say DO IT! There is a money back guarantee, I think - you have nothing to lose. It really, really worked for me and I don't know that I will ever want to stop using these products. I use the cleanser, BP, and the moisturizer and I love it. I thought it might be too good to be true, but for me it is not. I love that I am clear as long as
  2. I'm still in awe at how clear my face is day after day after day. I do have one area on my right cheek that ((I)) am fully responsible for. I messed with it until it is what it is now - an unsightly large scab. It is really amazing to me how I could have done this - I didn't have to - it wasn't a blemish even. It will heal and I'll still have clear skin when it does. That is exciting. It gives me MORE of a desire to quit messing with my face at all. I still have far to go but this regime
  3. Regimen Day 51 WOW! I am shocked that almost two months have gone by since I started this regimen. I'm still picking at virtually nothing and leaving some red marks. I must admit though - I don't have much to pick at and even when I do pick for a long period of time, my face is not reacting the way it would before I started the regimen. I'm not trying to give myself a license to pick - but the truth is that if I do pick, I don't have the consequences like I did before. I'm quite convince
  4. Regimen Day 46 I am currently watching the Alabama/Auburn game. ROLL TIDE!!!! I will be ordering more supplies from acne.org soon - I don't want to run out!! I think the 8oz bottles will last me about a month and a half. I have been using Dan's moisturizer more too. As long as I wait till the BP is dry, I don't have much discomfort and I think my face is reacting well to it. I don't have the flakes like I did either. I must admit that I've been skipping EVERY now and then. Like this mor
  5. Regimen Day 39 I've been busy, but not too busy to keep up with my regimen in the morning and at night. I am SO satisfied witn my complexion right now. My face is acne-free and I have nothing to mess with for the most part. (I can ALWAYS find places to mess with, but that's another story.) My face is still dry, but not as dry as before. I am happy to say that I do not get red like I did after applying the BP, nor do I have the pain and itching. I'm using a full pump morning and night. I'
  6. Regimen Day 18 My face is almost back to normal in terms of healing since picking at it on Monday. I dread putting moisturizer on after the BP. I know the burning will start once I apply it. I'm going to do some more research on moisturizers and hopefully pick something else up later today. I think my face is less red today - I am using a full pump in the PM and about 3/4 a pump in the am. My acne is under control now - I feel like I may just get to 1 full pump am and pm and stick there
  7. I'm at almost 3 weeks into the regimen and I can't use the full dosage yet either. My opinion is to maybe try to go up a tiny bit at a time - maybe it will take you 8-10 weeks to get to the full dose. I'm only at 'almost' a full pump at night and about 1/2 a pump in the morning. I think my face is finally getting used to this amount so I'm going to go up a little in the morning. I'm sorry you're having trouble. For me, it BURNS so bad when I use the moisturizer.
  8. Hi. I was just wondering how the regimen was going for you. I hope to see an update soon!! Julie
  9. I'll refrain from trying to change the color/size of font from now on Maybe it will cheer you up to see all the little kids in their costumes tonight if you pass out candy!
  10. This is what a good friend of mine tells me when I am going through something: This Too, Shall Pass When? I don't know. Maybe your feelings, thoughts, mood will change before your face does. You are beautiful. Don't forget that!
  11. Regimen Day 17 I am convinced that my acne has responded very well to the BP - I don't know that I will ever be able to get up to 2 full pumps twice a day and I really don't think I'll need to. My actual acne is quite mild and becomes moderate around my cycle, but my past picking has made everything much worse. I can also see delayed 'wound' healing with the BP. I would pick at something before and it would be gone in a few days, with the BP the spot lingers and remains darker than the rest
  12. Hi! I just read through your log so far. I'm excited for you to start. I really look forward to 'THE" time, twice a day in which I do the regimen. I got the starter kit too - I hope you can use Dan's moisturizer, I've tried it several times during the 30 or so times I've done the regimen and can't seem to tolerate it. I must say that I feel that I'm punishing my face when I try to put it on again. It burns, itches and makes me want to scratch my face and neck off (I've decided to stop trea
  13. Regimen Day 16 I've noticed a few things. First - I like the way my skin looks and feels about 4 days AFTER a major face picking session. I'm not saying this is good and that I want to do it every now and then to acheive these results - but at least I am understanding more about why I do it. I see lots of pores that look like they can be 'cleaned' out and even though I do damage that lasts for several days, eventually, once my face heals, it is smooth and I don't see the 'need' to pick at a
  14. In July you wrote that leaving you face alone in terms of picking and squeezing the bumps is what helped the most. How long did that last? Are you picking at them again, or have you still completely quite messing with them?
  15. Regimen Day 15 My face is slowly recovering from my picking session on Monday. I say slowly because there are several places that will need time to heal from my picking. If I look back a month ago, I see that I couldn't even go 24 hours without picking at my face. I am thankful for the progress I have made in less than a month, and I know without a doubt I will continue to make progress. The only GOOD thing about my picking session on Monday is that I was REALLY able to see the results o