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  1. Still acne free. Get on accutane if you have bad skin and have tried everything else!! My skin is perfect now.. Very happy
  2. Hi. Just wanted to express my opinion which I'm sure a lot of people share. I used plenty of different antibiotics such as oxytetracyline doxycycline and minocycline etc.. Only the first one worked briefly (a month or so)...The others didn't clear up my acne and to be honest it was a waste of 3 years taking them (although it may have helped my acne from getting any worse i don't know). So i started taking accutane (isotretinoin) and it was very hard for months with dry skin etc but at the end
  3. Well I haven't been on here for a while. Just wanted to say isotretinoin has made my life a lot lot lot better, although my skin is still fairly dry. Still acne free and loving it.
  4. Still acne free!!!! My skin looks good, i get the occasional few spots which worries me but its all good really!!! Im so happy with the way i look now accutane has changed my life!!!!
  5. my guess is take the last months worth... u don't want to regret not completing the course
  6. Mate I didn't see proper results until 3 - 4 months in. It will go really quickly though, good luck.
  7. Hey just wanted to say good luck, be patient and you will get results!!

  8. Thanks everyone!! I was on 60mg for about 5 months. Still clear after more than 3 months being off accutane, get the occasional spot but nothing to complain about..
  9. No initial breakout luckily.. I did get side effects though!! EXTREMELY dry skin was the worst.. But its all worth it in the end.. Good luck!
  10. Hi I didnt really get an initial breakout dont know how it will work for you though. The dryness is pretty bad but use plenty of moisturiser and vasoline if you can overnight (trust me it works very well). Accutane is very strong so i personally wouldnt recommend using anything else. Good luck
  11. Hi Everyone, Although I've got a log on here I just wanted to let everyone know how much accutane has changed my life for the better. Finished my course a few months ago and t has completely cleared my face up and I am so much more confident now. It was a struggle throughout my course because of dryness but if you are fit and healthy in general like me I think you should get success. Not saying Im a doctor or anything but I am so much more happy now, just hoping acne doesnt come back! I know
  12. Cheers. Really happy at the moment Good luck with it all its worth it in the end!
  13. Had one or two small spots appear on my face since I finished my course but nothing serious. They went away within a few days. Absolutely loving it at the moment my skin looks great!! Thank you accutane!! Please don't come back acne!!!
  14. Woo I'm clear!! Havent been this happy/confident in years!! For once I actually want to get in photos!! Have stopped taking them after 4.5 months.. Really hoping I don't get acne back and I don't need to use accutane again..
  15. Continuing to improve. Still quite dry especially lips but I can put up with that now my face is clear. Just looking forward to getting off these tablets now so I can drink again..