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  1. Hi Kids, I feel your pain. I was where you are now and trust me when I say yes of course you do not feel like going to proms etc but as empty as this will sound to you, I say do it and move forward with the memory good or bad. A memory is a good thing, no memory is a nothing. Now as for treatment anyone that is interested in what I used, please look up my posting. I have not been in this forum for a few years but it is still relevant as to treatment as it exist today. I would ask that you kee
  2. I have exactly what you describe. Please do a search on my posts, have a read and then get back to me. U
  3. I have used CP's (Tri-Reduction and then Super Cop, now Super Cop x 2) for 32 months. I have small hypertrophic scars on my back and arms. I have seen improvement in that time but it is a slow process. I have stuck with it because I do see gradual improvement. The first year was the most rapid but then it slowed off. Having said that, it is still the best treatment I have tried to date. If you are committed to using CP's then you need to incorporate a strong acid. I perform a weekly peel
  4. Yes maybe there are treatments but to be perfectly frank even if my scars were to dissapear tomorrow the fact of the matter is that the damage has already been done. The way I have structured my existense since years ago being inflicted with severe scars after a horrible experience with cystic acne has made it quite impossible to be the person I was before. Countless procedures, consultations etc and all during my formative years has seen to that. The magic has gone and this has been so for m
  5. I don't have anyone asking me. I have succeeded in isolating myself over the years.
  6. I have been a user of skin biology products for 21 months now and I can say with total certainty that my hypertrophic scarring has improved to the tune of 70%. I agree with Denise when she says that it does take time and is a very slow process. It is one in which you hardly notice improvement, until after around a year or so, and then you can feel confident that, what you are seeing is definitive improvement. My improvement has been the result of copper peptides and a continual daily and weekl
  7. Excuse me folks, I am curious as to whether you incorporated your use of CP with the use of Glycolic peels? U
  8. Clint, I amke no assumption other than to
  9. Babygirl, Check out this link. It has all the information you require. Skin Biology
  10. I have scarring on my back and it has been there for a while. 18 months ago I began to use copper-peptides in conjunction with peels and I have seen excellent results. It is a really slow process but I can say that I have has approx 65% improvement. U
  11. If you read more thoroughy than Clint06 and do your reserach, you will note that peptides in conjunction with peels does help a great deal. I personally have had excellent results. Sure it takes a long time but I have been very patient and that's the reason i have had excellent results. U
  12. Stick with the copper and exfoliation. U
  13. Hi Angel, My derm said the same thing about six months ago. He said they look no different. That was six months ago and at the time I was sure I was getting improvement and as you know I have been continuing with my regime every day and I am sure they are still improving but yes, it is real slow! Because it is such a slow process that is why you have doubts. I do not know if I will ever flatten them all out completely but I do know that there are definitely some that have flattened c
  14. Dim, I have been reading over at the voy forum. There is woman called PK who saids she has had really good improvement with Sheibner. Maybe you should talk to her? U