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  1. I cant believe a dermo would prescribe so many topicals. I dont know how bad your acne is, but a regimen with that many topicals baffles me, no offense. It seems like they just want to try stuff to see how it works. I hope the regimen works out for you, and best of luck.
  2. Depending on how much retina your using, sometimes using to much can really dry out the face causing you to produce more sebum, which makes your face oily. You have to try and maintain a healthy balance between the two, which is tough to do, but with time and effort you'll get there.
  3. I would not worry about your friends having clear faces and not doing anything about it, I'm 21 and I have had friends since the age of 17 who have never had to wash their face. Some of it has to do with genetics, how much sebum your face produces. The only thing I can think of that might be a problem is, if you are using alot of retin a, it will dry out your face constantly, then your face feeling so dry will start to produce more sebum to keep it oily, which will continue a cycle of creati
  4. Thank you everyone for the congrats. And I am really glad that this is inspiring for you. And for those who would like to know my regimen now, I wash my face with just a plain neutrogena oil free acne wash, once in the morning, then once at night. I will also wash it while showering mid day, like after a work out. I do still use the retin a, ONLY when I may have a small white head or pimple pop up, which I may still get once in a while. I also use this stuff called mederma, I use this for
  5. Thats great, and you will get there I promise. I'm sure your dermo will have good things to say about getting off retin a, I dont think it will cause your spots to come back. Good luck with everything
  6. Well, I have my long story in the link in my first post. I had a really rough summer in 08, parents divorced, we moved out of the house I grew up in, and lived in a shed all summer. Just a accumulation of things I suppose, but I flared up from a decently clear face to a completely destroyed face. But I appreciate you taking my advice on being positive, it really did help me. Because deep down I told myself each day that things could be worse off. I feel very fortunate for the life I've
  7. Thank you very much. I am happy now, and one thing I remember when I was going through the worst times of my acne, was that I always tried to stay positive, it helps. And yes I do still use some retin a. Not anywhere as much as I used to, but if I get a little white head or pimple, I will put a small dab on it before bed. I would ask your dermo about the retin a, and what may happen when you get off of it. I didnt have any problems, I actually quit using it for a whole month, and stayed cle
  8. Hey folks, I have some pictures for everyone. I hope they inspire you all, and help some of you get through this, because I was there, I know what your going through. btw ere is the link to my first topic when I first joined the site. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/here-advi...53#entry2420653 I woke up like this everyday for 3 months, It was hard to even get out of bed, to go to class. Putting on a shirt would bring me to my knees. You can also tell how swolen my face was, compared to
  9. Hey i saw you mentioned Retin A micro in your post topic, I had a bad bad flare up a couple months ago, and I got on a antibiotic and used retin A micro every night before bed, and a little in the morning. The stuff works wonders, It will dry your face out at first, give you red spots and what not. But it will literally get rid of a white head or pimple over night. I hope it works wonders for you, dont over use it though