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  1. Day 119 I'm scared to see my dermatologist! I'm still a little red from the last time I went tanning and I don't want her to find out. I already feel like she doesn't trust me so I don't really want to lie, but if I tell her I've been tanning I know she'll be angry. I've put aloe on it and I'll do it again when I get home from work and just hope for the best. I fgure she won't look very close so I can just tell her I was in the sun for a while and got a little red. Fingers crossed that work
  2. You're going to sooooooooo happy with month three! That was when things really cleared up for me, and I really hope it does the same for you. I'm pretty sure it will, but either way, best of luck and I'm glad to see you're still not experiencing any aweful side effects. I get the flushing too, but for some reason I dont burn, as a matter of fact I've been tanning pretty well. Anyway, congrats on the two month mark and I hope things keep getting better and better!
  3. Day 113 I left the house w/o makeup today. Yes, I only went tanning and to Panera, but still it's kind of a big thing and I thought I would share.
  4. Day 112 So I went tanning today, and I look tan. After one session. For five minutes. I'm a little pink, but mostly tan. Obviously not too much darker, but I can see a difference. I think I'm going to enjoy this. I'm still pale as a ghost, but if I can get some color after five minutes with no 3rd degree burns I'm not going to complain. Oh, and I have one tiny pimple. Otherwise all is well!
  5. I use and love both, but I'm not sure either would do much for scaring. They're great for red marks though, and they just make your skin look really pretty. I wish I could tell you which one was the most helpful but I started them at the same time.
  6. Day 102 Kind of amazed that it's been over a hundred days. And Pleased because after today I'll only have 15 days left! And, okay, it should really be something more like 45, but I figure I'd be getting the same dose by the end and this way I cand be done with it in just over two weeks! Yay! My skin is kind of driving me bonkers. Over all it isn't bad, but there are a few really stuborn red marks that really just aren't getting any lighter. Obviously I'm pleased that the others are start
  7. Harsh exfoliation can irritate skin which tends to make acne worse. If your method works for you and you know for a fact that it's not contributing to your break outs then you could probably keep doing what your doing. I would probably recomend being a little more gentle though. Maybe try using a regular washcloth? That's my favorite way to exfoliate and it does the job without freaking my skin out.
  8. So jealous! I'm long over due for an order. I LOVE Trichomania, it's one of my many many favorite hair products from them. Hope you enjoy everything!
  9. Day 94 So, I think I'm just anemic. I've been exhausted, and I assumed it had to do with the Accutane but anemia seems to fit better. The inside of my lower eyelids are really pale and so are my nail beds. I've been sleeping for 11 hours easy and would probably sleep longer if I didn't have to work. I haven't been eating well lately and since I'm a vegetarian I have to be super careful about that or there's just no way I'll get enough iron. I doubt my little I don't need food stint was any
  10. I love it! I've only been using it for a month and I've been using it along with Green Cream, but I can already tell a difference in my red marks. They're still there, but they're a lot less noticable and for only one month I don't think that's bad at all.
  11. I'm pretty much just going to second everything the above poster said, except I'd have to go with bare minerals. I've been using it for years and it's fantastic! I've never had a problem with it making my pores look larger. Moisture surge is fantastic as well. I have and love Nars's oragsm blush, and it's a peachy pink color. If you wanted a really pink color Lorac's blush in desire is really nice and pink and pretty. I don't know much about moisturizing mascara, but Lancome's Definicils i
  12. Sorry to hear you skin turned on you! Just remember that there will be ups in downs and as long as it ends in an up (as it will), it'll be worth it! I'm pleased to hear that you don't seem be experencing any drastic side effects, I know they can be quite a lot to deal with so I really hope they don't creep up on you at your higher dose!
  13. Haha, we seem to be having the same problem with updating regularly. I know what you mean about just being distracted by other things, once you're skin starts clearing up you just don't think about it anymore. I'm happy to hear you don't seem to be having any really dreadful side effects! Hopefully the increase doesn't bring any of those out. I am sorry to hear that the lasar treatments aren't helping much! Maybe try some topicals? The MaMa and GC seem to be doing their job on me, maybe on
  14. Giselle! I'm so sorry to hear you're having a such a rough time. As you know I can completly relate, and it SUCKS. The memory/focus thing is really getting the best of me as well but I didn't put together that it was related to Accutane untill I read your post. And as far as the GC goes, I know it's crazy expensive, but those samples have lasted me FOREVER. I still have some and I've been using them for over a month, I mean I've skipped a few days but still. I hope things look up for you a