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  1. ^^ Thank you! Month 1 Done. No active pimples on my face but tons of blackheads. Three active cysts on my back, and I've never had cysts before.
  2. I just finished a month, and I had a tiny brakeout. Soon I'll be going to the dermatologist, and he will possibly bump me up. Will I go through another IB? Also I ran out of pills today and appointment is in three days. How will my skin react :S
  3. I have these under the skin pimpes. They look like mosquito bites and there's like three on my face and ten on my back. They're atleast a centimeter in length. Could this possibly be my IB because I've never had anything like this before. OR is this not even the worst of what's going to happen?
  4. Day 7 It's been a week on 40 mg a day. So far so good. I hope I'm not jinxing myself. I have been super oily though. I wake up everyday feeling my skin to make sure there's no breakout. I'm expecting it soon
  5. My doctor told me to stop all topicals since I was prescribed accutane. I've stopped Differin, but is it alright to use moisturizer overnight? I've also been using aloe vera to help with spots.
  6. Just started the generic accutane today, and ofcourse I mix up my days on bc and take tomorrows pill. So my hormones are probably all over the place. Thankfully though it was the inactive pills. So hopefully it won't effect accutane. I've had acne for 10 years. It's been moderate so I'm scared of the IB. Hopefully this works
  7. Where the hell do you buy aquaphore in Canada? I want to be prepared once I start my treatment. I've been to shoppers and walmart, so far no luck.
  8. I've had moderate acne for 10 years and i'm going on clarus. My question is will the IB give my cystic acne?
  9. thanks guys for the replies. but i will take it back to the pharmacy. made this much, might as well not be expired.
  10. I was prescribed Clarus today. Though I have to start it in a week and a half once I get my period. When I got the box of pills, the expiry date said 11/2008. I would be finishing my first month in November. Does that mean the accutane is already expired in November or by the end of November? Is it okay to use, and will it work?