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  1. I did get the initial break out, it wasn't good. Pyratine-6 is good for redness. About two weeks later after using it the redness cut down a good bit. The only bad thing about it is the price. 95 bucks at www.mdskinshop.com It sounds like there is hope for me, which is good to hear. thank you very much
  2. hello evreyone, I am on my fourth month with claravis (two 40mg pills a day) and my skin is still not clear. I probably have like 11 things over my face and ears. I have the little white heads, those thick volcanos way under the skin, and a couple bloody ones that bleed without me touching them. why is it not clear yet? I've seen peoples journals and by the fourth month they look like they never had bad acne. But I have bad acne and a bunch of red deep scars all over my face. I use pyratine-6 t