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  1. it's true. i suffer from extreme panic attacks and depersonalization disorder. you basically feel extremely high all of a sudden which can be scary when it happens for no reason. feeling like you live in a dream world and you're not real is effing scary. but KNOWING that its a panic attack helps beacuse you just have to talk yourself through it, telling yourself that its JUST a mental thing and breathe deeply and slowly, knowing that it will all be over soon enough. i bascially FAKE IT TIL I MAK
  2. lol sadly getting wasted wiht my friends. i just get so happy and forget about it all.
  3. so i am always so hesitant to go swimming which i LOVE because my coverup will all come off and everyone will see my true hideousness!!! ahhhhh.... and now i am moving to australia for a semester!!! of course i will still hit up the beach and go snorkeling, surfing, etc. but i hate how i feel like crap when i do the things i love beacuse i dont want people to have to see my skin. also another big one is CAMPING!!! i love camping and it sucks soo bad when i am used to covering up my skin daily
  4. dude i had an interview at a SPA SPECIALIZING IN SKINCARE!! hahahhahah thats laughable isn't it??? as a receptionist. and even though i CLEARLY have acne i still got the job!!! i think its kind of hilarious they hired me. i quit beacuse my boss turned out to be a diva biznatch though.
  5. yeahh so my boobs keep on growing lol. im 21 they're not supposed to grow anymore!!! as for the weight gain... i couldnt really tell ya. im not fat but i dont eat well so although ive been chunkier the past few months im betting its all the christmas cookies i gorged on hahah
  6. so ive been on Diane for a full 2 months. it broke me out worse than before but i guess that was my IB (Which is still sort of occuring), but its STARTING to clear up a bit. im optimistic so im not freaking out as much as i used to. anyways something i noticed is that my BOOBS HAVE GROWN SO MUCH! at first i didnt know what the hell caused my boobs to grow so fast. then i realized it was the diane!!! im sort of afraid. I liked my little bitty B's and now they're getting huge. i liked my small bo
  7. WOW some of these almost made me laugh simply beacuse so many people are completely ignorant and say the stupidest things to us. i just cantbelieve how dumb some people can be! do they really think we don't NOTICE our acne or dont wash our faces?? anyways i remember once i went to some stupid picnic for my dads charity club and this asian woman was talking to me, my mom and dad and was like "yeah your daughter is getting all the pimples on her forehead". i was like WHAT THE HELL. i dont even kn
  8. people are assholes. thats all there is to it. they're complete MORONS as well.. going by those kinds of comments. if these people are that naive in thinking its as simple as washing your face, they have the IQ of a 5 year old. please, if ONLY it were that simple. i hate how im the only one with acne in my family too. theonly person who had it was my uncle when he was young.. and i have a huge family... he was the only one and mine is way worse. my brother gets the perfect skin.. psshh... what
  9. Hi everyone So im 21 and iv'e had acne since i was like 11. it just gets worse and worse and it never gets better. i think of how lucky i was when i was 14 and it was barely ANYTHING and it bothered me then!!! i rarely see anyone wiht acne these days and its frustrating to feel like i will never get rid of it. Ive tried numerous creams, pills, i think accutane is the only thing to get rid of my stubborn acne. Unforutnately i can't go on it right now since im leaving the country for 5 months soon
  10. hi all, ive been on diane for a MONTH AND A HALF.... so far ive seen NO GOOD RESULTS!! i think this might be an initial breakout? beacuse this past week my skin has gone HAYWIRE. the most acne ive ever had !!! all over my chin im getting big breakouts and my forehead is covered in pimples!!! this hasnt happened since i was like 13 and i'm 21years old. i'd be lying if i said it didn't bother me- of course it does. but im trying to be a more positive person despite having acne since i was 11! a
  11. today was a bad day. i had a friggin huge breakdown beacuse of my crap fucking face. i was very rushed this morning trying to finish a paper due today... im trying ot get ready as fast as i can to run out the door and hand this paper in before the office closes... but its taking fucking forever to put on my makeup and cover up my FUGLY FUCKING Face i basically called GOd a fucking asshole and started crying. my skin has gotten so much worse in a matter of months and i wish i was thankful for t
  12. you're young and horny which is no surprise. i will just say that i cheated before and i always regretted it.... i cheated on the sexiest guy i had ever seen in my life with an ex-boyfriend i wasnt over and still loved. the thing with mr.sexy wouldnt have ever worked out anyways, but its just the most disrespectful thing u can do to someone.
  13. so after reading many older posts about diane 35 ive gotten a little more afraid of taking diane!! what are all your experiences with diane and anxiety? the issue is that i have bad anxiety. i used to get panic attacks a lot but now more rarely.... i still have anxiety problems though and suffer from depersonalization disorder which is NO FUN and basically is when i randomly get this weird feeling where i feel like im high and i feel like im in a dream and not real, and its really odd and sc
  14. i get terrible migraines frequently as well..... at this point in my life i don't think it's wise for me to get off of birth control, but i guess you really have to be aware of what kind of pill you're taking. is it really worth taking the BC pill you're on right now if it gives you migraines? you could alawys take the really low dosage BC pills but they wont really help your skin at all but i totally hear ya. i took the pill for years and years and then i went off it for a few months.... BAM m
  15. dude you're 15. tons of 15 yr olds dont have significant others yet and even if they do, it's definiately not a very meaningful relationship at that age. p.s. i have found TONS of guys who had acne to be very good looking!