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  1. isotrex definately decreased my oil production. it works the same as accutane except it is a topical gel so you don't get the nasty accutane side effects. i think its illegal in the usa though!?
  2. try posting in the international regimen supply area for localized advice
  3. to my knowledge isotrex is basically accutane in topical form, so if you weren't getting results with isotrex, accutane is unlikely to help. i got my best results when using isotrex in combination with an oral antibiotic (doxycyline), so maybe you could ask your derm about using isotrex and an antibiotic at the same time. from what i gathered from my derm isotrex clears excess oil & regulates your oil production and the doxycyline stops bacteria from forming on the skin.
  4. i don't think many people on here have been fortunate enough to 'have their acne go away' if they had why would they still be posting here!?
  5. wash face thoroughly and apply a generous amount of bp. don't pick at it and don't touch it.
  6. i think its definately the WORST place to get a pimple. especially since the ones on your nose always seem to be the most red.
  7. help i have had a large pimple on the end of my nose for 3 days now and it doesn't look like going away. the worst thing is that it is VERY red, not just the pimple but the whole area around it. its so embarressing. i have been putting bp on it, and trying to get to the beach to get the salt water on it but its still just as bad and just as red. should i try icing it to take away some of the redness or what else would you recommend?
  8. most people 'grow out' of getting acne when they finish puberty. some unlucky folk like myself though have it alot longer, i am almost 26 and still suffer from it. i guess it depends how severe your acne is as to whether you should go on accutane. it is also worth considering the possible side effects of these 'hard core' treatments. i never bothered seeing derms when i was in my teens as i always thought i would grow out of it when i hit my twenties, looking back i kinda wish i would've because
  9. ok i think i can help you with this one. the biggest mistake you are making is wiping the sweat from your face with your hands & shirt. if your face is sweaty, then chances are your hands and shirt are going to be too, not to mention your hands would've been touching the gym equipment. second mistake is probably that you are working out for too long, try to cut your entire workout to under 1 hour. i'm guessing that because you are at the gym for so long the sweat is drying and starting t
  10. there is a whole section of this site where users rate different vitamins is terms of effectiveness, affordability and agreeability, you should probably refer to that
  11. haha yeah i love that song. also the album young loud and snotty by the dead boys is a personal favourite. anyway booked in with a derm for late november so fingers crossed! the only thing i'm worried about is that my skin will probably be perfect the day i have to go see him
  12. By any chance is your name after the song young loud and SCOTTY? I love that song. oh lifetime wonderful band.

  13. just found out the derm i wanted to see is booked out till august 2009