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  1. Well unfortunately, a small amount of acne has come back. I am upping my dosage to 4 pills of 40% IgG twice a day.. will see how this goes. NOTE: Small acne has probably come back due to the fact that I am taking a 62grams of Protein, 801 Calories muscle building shake with milk twice a day. Will see if upping the dosage to 8 pills helps any.
  2. Hey, yea here is an update, sorry: Day IDK!!!! Skin looks 100% better ( don't wanna jinx this) ... I think Colostrum is effective. Taking three 40% IgG pills twice a day, each has 475mg of Colostrum Also, side note.. tanning beds have SIGNIFICANTLY helped my acne.. Don't judge please.. But comment as you feel necessary.
  3. Added two more pills a day.. one at night and one in the morning.. We'll see how it goes..
  4. Just a random question.. How much does the brand y'all take cost, and how long does it last?
  5. AussieSmile.. email who to find out?? The Vitamin Shoppe brand?
  6. How would I check.. because it doesn't say on the label. and Brissyguy, I got them at the Vitamin Shoppe, the label reads "Super Strength" Colostrum Also, a question, if I added two pills, one at night and one in the morning.. what do you think would happen?
  7. How many grams of Colostrum do those of you who take it take a day? I got my pills from the Vitamin Shoppe, and they are 40% IgG, and one pill has 475 mg of Colostrum per serving.. I take 4 four these a day.. Is that to little for it to do anything? Or should I be seeing results?
  8. Day... ? #9 (I think) Face looks good, same pimple I mentioned in last post has gone down significantly )) Everything going normal.. Sauna seems to be helping A LOT!! Unfortunately, I have some bad (and unrelated news) My pet turtle, ~ 7 years old, died today I've had here since I was about 12, and she's been with me through a lot. I took her to the vet on Tuesday, and he injected her with a shot of calcium. However, I left her in the cage today with a basking light on, which I thought
  9. True... 95% is pretty good.. its just, once you get there, you start thinking "what's stopping me from getting the other 5% clear, ya know?" Day #8 No significant changes... Sauna yesterday.. still no chocolate. Unfortunately, I got a new pimple about two nights ago on my chin, but this pimple is weird, its full of something, but under the skin, and all that happens when I attempt to pick at it is a clear liquid comes out. It doesn't look like a pimple from up close, just a bad cut.. I'll le
  10. Quick question for anyone knowlegable about Nicain flushes: Before starting Colostrum, I was taking a NO flush version of Nicain, and then when I started Colostrum, I switched to the flush version in the same dosage... Only problem is, I have yet to experience a "flush" from the Nicain, which is the main reason I took flush Nicain.. Anyone have a clue as to why I am not experiencing a flush? Thanks, Chipper
  11. Day #7 Sauna again today.. Pimple looks good.. most are gone. The Clean and Clear Acne Free Mark thing is working really well to get rid of red marks!! COLOSTRUM
  12. Day #6 Sauna has been quite beneficial for acne, and I have started to notice that touching my skin is what is making me break out now. No really new pimples, those that exist are starting to heal quickly. Shaved yesterday, and sauna today again. No chocolate last night, but a lot of sugar cookies| and the normal stuff. Chocolate free now for a week. It is hard, but its worth it I hope! Any questions?
  13. Sorry Jay326, Just making sure, No ones commented or anything, so I had no idea. What do you think so far?
  14. Day # 4 & 5 Looking good, nothing but small one small whitehead yesterday.. a couple red bumps, but nothing severe. They appear to be healing quickly, however, I kinda had a splurge day and ate both Mexican and Chinese yesterday... we'll see what happens with that. Chocolate hasn't been in my system in 5 days, its hard, but I'm still not sure if it makes a difference or not.. I going back into the Sauna today, because I've noticed it really does a lot for me. I'll keep you updated..
  15. Day # 3 Good on the No Chocolate.. hard but I'm trying :/ Had about three SMALL zits last night.. popped them sometimes last night, maybe 12 hours ago.. and they are already gone Don't think its from the Colostrum.. but I was still happy about it, so I thought I'd add it in. Pretty healthy eating.. Sauna today.