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  1. nope. i called a farmazy and they said no u cant transfer prescripions from one pharmacy to another especialy from USA to Canada. and only canada has then cheap. so if u want to buy it from an USA web site teh price is the same as your local pharmacy. where can i buy it online without prescripion please .
  2. where can i buy it online without prescripion. i have been using it for 4 weeks and i like it. but my insurace doesnt cover me anymore and i have a prescripion, but teh farmacy has it. now where can i buy it online cheap and without prescripion. thanks in advance
  3. .1 is harsh to start, i am suprised u strated with .1 %, u should have started with .05. anyhow it does end, it may take a while depends on your skin until it gets used to it.
  4. yes, no the face doesnt produce anything , it is tazorac that is oily or becomes like oil when u apply it,
  5. make the s stikie or add to forum ruls etc http://projectboil.pixel10.co.uk/posting/Posting.html
  6. this is one a of things that helps at teh begining, but in the long run it doesnt do anything for your acne.
  7. yes for teh red marks Salicylic Acid seems to work good, u may want to try a higher concetration , start with 5% then 10%, etc
  8. i am an tazorac and antibiotic, and triaz for the bacne, it is my 3rd day today and it seems to do its job. i got a bit of peeling, but that is normal, and i like the new skin that is underneath it, tazorac will improve your complexion, but it will take time, if u want, u can use high concetration of Salicylic Acid, anything above 10%. for some poeple this may work, for some some it will not, there r so diferent skins, and type of acne taht u need to experimen and see waht works fo u. a good, ex
  9. thanks for the info, i just started tazorac .5% this is my second day, i hope it works, i will try your advice tho.