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  1. I read about Benzaclin that it is especially drying around around the mouth & nose area. I read into it because it was doing the same to me and looks bad. I stopped getting close to that area & it did not do it anymore. Could have also been that I was getting used to it, I don't know, but that's what I read.
  2. Hmm, I would really say it is the Differin, it's strong stuff. The Benzaclin is strong too, but not as much as Differin. I would really recommend reading about Differin and what it does & suppose to do. It causes a major breakout, which is probably why the Doc prescribed the antibiotic, peeling, dryness, burning & on & on. If you normally have sensitive skin you are suppose to start out with Differin every few days or every other day until you get used to it. Not sure if Doc told you
  3. I've recently started using Glominerals. It's mineral, but doesn't come in the lose powder form which I love. So far it's great, and some parts of it good for skin. By the end of the day I'm still really oily, however, it doesn't look runey, cakey, or ugly. And best of all it's wonderful coverage, it doesn't make my scars stand out as much. I'm also on BP & Differin right now and still looks good. I would recommend to anyone, the price is a little high but I've had for one month and still ha
  4. I've tried that foundation & it didn't break me out. It looked ok but felt very heavy and would rub off if you touched by midday. It could have felt heavy, however, because I'm used to mineral foundations and it's not the same. Either way, the good thing is that it did cover & did not break me out.
  5. It helped raise my indented scars & red scars. They are not perfect yet, but you can see them smoothing out very well. Differin has worked very well for me along with Benzaclin (I hope I don't jinx myself) & I've been on it for 3 mos. Like I always say, it just depends for each person. Retin-a did nothing for me & i was on it for 2 mos.
  6. The brand of the iron definately matters. I've used Chi, Paul Mitchell, Solia, and cheap brands of course but in this case it is you get what you pay for. You should try going to folica.com, this site has many well known irons & thousands of reviews. Good Luck, I liked the Chi the most. Also, it helps ALOT to use serum before. I'm currently using the Chi one & it works pretty well. The one's I've liked are Paul Mitchell's serum, Bed Head, Biolage, and even some you can purchase @ Sally
  7. Well I don't know about the makeup but I started using the Base stuff, like a primer, & the first day it seemed to work really well. THe day after my makeup just did the same stuff it did before, get clumpy and dark from the oil after a few hrs. Sorry I don't have better info....
  8. I just started using Jane Iredale a couple wks ago & it is Great! I have also tried many mineral products and found a couple I like but nothing great the way liquid foundation covers. It covers great, looks good, and stays on all day. I have very very oily skin and it just stays put and my face doesn't look like a frying pan by midday. It is has minimal ingredients designed for acne prone skin. I looked up reviews & found this brand. I was so tired of ordering online then waiting for shi
  9. Acne IS an internal problem. But it is more for some than not. Not all people can handle pills nor do all people need antibiotic pills to help acne. But of course, there is no CURE for acne so that is why topical treatments are given, to CONTROL it. I'm on wk 3 of Differin and so far still good, working well when combined with BP. I hope I don't jinx myself.
  10. I use Cetaphil facial moisturizer. It works pretty good & it's what was given to me by my derm.
  11. I know what ya mean. I've been on Differin for 3 wks now, but using with BP too and so far it's been great. I didn't have much of an IB, but of course I had been on retin-A for 7 wks before and never stop breaking out. This stuff is working great for me. As a matter of fact, yesterday I was looking in the mirror and noticed that my scarring is getting better, but I wasn't sure if it was the Differin or not. I didn't ask the derm about that cuz I just wanted to get the acne under control first.
  12. I was just put on the same exact meds as the user above, allison 12, and I was also told not to use differin & BP at the same time. One should be used at nite, preferably differin, and the other in the morning. So maybe that's a problem for you as well. If you have severe acne you might want to ask to up your % of differin and request an oral antibiotic. Give it a couple months and if not working I would indeed tell your derm to see what option is next on the list. I've been using differin
  13. I kept breaking out while using Loreal Mineral make-up. I really like it though because it gave you a nice glow but had to throw it out. Of course, as I've seen on this board, it really depends on you and your body on wether something will break you out. Hope it works for you because it was nice make-up.
  14. I have really oily skin & the same problem. Normally pencils will do that, smudge, smudge, smudge. Might want to use primer and powder before applying the liner. Also, contrary to someone mentioning liquid liners & oily skin, I found that is what works best for me. I have recently started using Lancome liquid liner because of it's reviews and love it, easy to fix if you make a mistake but stays on all day. I mean ALL day too. So good luck, I feel your frustration.
  15. I understand, I think that is Dr's first choice because of so much success. But also, I think, most of the Dr's aren't the ones experiencing the acne problem either. When I first went to the derm years ago I got discouraged because it felt like he wasn't listening, just prescribed whatever. So it seemed. So maybe that's the problem too, derms need to listen to individual needs and preferences too. I did use Proactive the way it said. I did not wash for my face for 2 mins I think, but for a whil