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  1. I've never heard of the smart laser...is it like Fraxel Repair? I had the C02 done on my eyebrow scar and it looks like a burn wound. I can't imagine having it done all over my face...what has the recovery been like for you apart from the reddish bumps? Yeah the milia like bumps seem to have went away for the most part. Hopefully =)
  2. Hi. So I was on Accutane for about 4 months until December 2010. I was left with moderate scarring, in addition to the scars I already had. It was enough to make me want Fraxel but I obviously had to wait over 6 months because of the 'tane. I finally had it done today. I had Fraxel Restore Dual done on my cheeks and Repair done on my eyebrow for a deep scar from a ring. The procedure wasn't as nightmarish as I imagined it would be, but the post treatment is proving to be. They told me that the
  3. HAHA I hit my screen 3 times until I realized I was an idiot. =)

  4. My dermatologist and esthetician both referred me to him as I have been discussing the option of laser scar treatment since my skin is now 90% better due to Accutane. I have started researching and he has a great reputation as being one of the top doctors working with lasers. I would love it if someone here knew of or have been treated by him. =D Dr Roy Geronemus
  5. I had actually never heard of MSM until your post but after doing some research it seems to be a pretty good supplement. I might try it! Thanks =D
  6. It was kind of deep even though it didn't bleed. The fact that it's white makes me scared is all. It's in an annoying spot, it almost looks like really bad under eye bags. Thanks for the help =D
  7. Really? I feel like vitamin e has helped fade red marks faster but it is possible that my imagination is what actually helped me deal with waiting it out, and it would have taken the same amount of time without it. The scratch didn't bleed, it wasn't an open wound that scabbed or anything, just REALLY red with a burning sensation. I wonder why it's still swollen after almost 2 weeks...ugh.
  8. So about 11 days ago, I was messing around with my dog who apparently needed to have her nails trimmed. She accidently scratched me on the face, under my eye, down to my cheek. I immediately put neosporin on it that night and it seemed to have faded by the next day. I kind of forgot about it until yesterday when I noticed that it's still swollen and now white instead of red. This scares me because a lot of my scars that were scratches are white and I know people tend to "scar more easily" on Acc
  9. 'Yet' is such a nice word these days :) I was doing good until this weekend when my left cheek decided to throw a cyst party... But it WILL get better so I'm still happy :) I hope getting back on accutane went smoothly.

  10. Hey how are you doing Ally? I hope your holidays were awesome. I was off the 'tane for a couple weeks but am back on as of 4 days ago. A little bit of improvement but nothing to write home about just yet. But that's the key word right? Yet.

  11. I just got a prescription for Sotret....and every single pharmacy is telling me that it is discontinued!!! Why would she give me a script for something they can't even fill? And why did they disco?!?!?!
  12. Thanks for your help! So what about being used to the meds, am I going to have to have the same side effects I did in the first couple of weeks like headaches for example?
  13. So with the holidays and some unexpected family issues that came up, I missed the chance to get my blood test done, despite getting my (non dated) prescription 2 weeks ago. It's been 10 days off of the Accutane. I am going for my blood test tomorrow morning so I should be able to pick up my box of 'tane within the next few days, assuming the results from the tests come out alright. My question is....is this break going to make a huge difference and will I basically be starting all over again? My
  14. Hey! Hows your accutane course coming along? Still strict on the diet? Happy Christmas Eve!