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  1. thanks for all the advice now that I reconsider this, I really can't tell if it's a cyst or a nodule...a cyst is supposed to be puss filled right? The one I have is hard and red from inflammationn, and doesn't seem to be coming to a head. I'd pop it if I could...
  2. I have a cyst on my right cheek that I definitely cannot pop or get rid of. It's big right now and is red from the inflammation. I'm just wondering, what normally happens to cysts if you leave them alone? Because I had one on my left cheek that kept appearing and reappearing for about two YEARS...is that what I should expect from this cyst?
  3. Iwantperfectskin, I have a similar problem as u with the cysts andthe "sagging" effect. how long does it take the sagging to develop? mine's been seemingly getting worse for about a month i think maybe subcision or punch elevation woudl help with these scars.
  4. are the procedures really that complicated? so complex that Dr. Y's practice can only be duplicated by a handful of other doctors? I hope that isnt true
  5. quite to the contrary, I've noticed a lot more scarring on my face in the past few months, even tho ive had acne for 5 years. so, i think the time the scarring occurs really depends. i just dont know what the timing depends on exactly...
  6. ok im just curious then...if a punch costs around $60 and is more or less permanent, why would some ppl opt to have fillers such as collagen shots, which cost about 10 times as much and require refilling every 6 months or so??
  7. adam, im going to Upenn (ps, not penn state) anyone in this forum from Massachusetts who know any good dermatologist/surgery ppl there?
  8. "You usually need dermabrasion to smooth it out afterwards" ...then whats the point of having the punch in the first place? my scar's problem is only that the skin doesnt look smooth.
  9. I have many small rolling scars that I dont really care about, but I have 2-3 ice pick/crater like scars that I want to deal with. Since microdermabrasion and laser treatments sound like they're mostly for treating larger areas, I just figured that the punch technique would be best in my case. But before I do that.... will techniques like punch elevation/excision help with ice pick or crater scars? how much will each punch cost? i saw the estimated $50 per punch on dan's site, but that sound
  10. Does anyone on this forum know of any good dermatologists in the Boston area or in Philly (where I goto college)? My derm right now kind of knows nothing about acne, doesnt have any advice about red marks or scars, and frankly after reading ppl's posts in this forum, I know more about acne than he does. It would be great if I could find someone who can give advice on how to fix scars and other remedies for healing red marks.
  11. my derm very stubbornly insists that red there is nothing out there that can quicken the process of fading red marks. In these forums alone, I've seen at least 20 different products/methods for fading red marks, and I think it'd be safe to assume that these products have only worked for a small number of ppl. Unfortunately for me, fading red marks is also a concern, but I don't want to waste my money buying tons of vitamins/creams, esp if they wont help. Personally and based on common sense, I t