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  1. Oh man I can totally relate, I have tons of those little bastards, as well as 2 or 3 inflamed ones. Try exfoliating as mentioned, it seems to help a lot.
  2. I think exactly the same as you, I sanitized EVERYTHING I used, the needle, wrapped my index fingers in tissues, was very gentle, but no matter how good you think your doing what happens when you pick/pop a zit 90% of the time is the same. You begin to squeeze, you get all the stuff, but when you hear that pop you usually have broken then cell walls around your pimple, UNDER the skin, so there is nothing you can do to stop this. This results in bacteria that was in the pimple to rupture, most o
  3. I totally agree, I'd love to try a straight razor, I think it'd be really cool and definatly less irrating (Once I master it of course lol) I've used an electric all my life and I think it's why I get acne along my jawline. Where do you get your supplies? Is it hard to find?
  4. Hey all, be AGES since I've posted here, my situation is pretty much the same. Anyway. I was just thinking about all these products and whatnot everybody uses on a daily basis and I really got into a debate with myself. Before you all go and throw stuff on your face whatever product it may be, just think for a second. WE (The people with skin issues) are the markets main target. Imagine if the first product we used actually worked, or even maybe the third. But it never is actually like that.
  5. DON'T POP DON'T POP NO NO NO. It's the biggest mistake of any acne sufferer. As said above, apply BP to them and dry the suckers out. Infection won't escape, they will dry up, scab and flake off, to which the red mark will fade away. If you do pop them, more bacteria gets on your skin mark, red mark takes 10 times longer to fade, and your back to square one. I know you don't want to hear this but even leaving them alone they probably won't be gone by the weekend, but if they've come to a head
  6. Asn6: Yeah I know it'd kind of weird but their is so much that science doesn't know about the human body and so many things happen during an orgasm Blood pressure rises, heart beat increases, which could possibly effect oil glands, I just don't want to risk it haha. IF and WHEN I get clear I'll slowly re-introduce things maybe once per month and maybe determine what's doing it. Want2beme: Yeah I know I'm such a huge party animal so the no drinking thing is Sooooo hard, it's all I did this su
  7. Well as I'm sure you all are, I'm sick of having this..well a plague on mankind is kind of an understament. ANYWAY, I decided to make a log of what I am currently doing as it seems to be working very well, you see, I've been doing this so far for about 2 weeks and it's going pretty good. Rules: - NO blazing (smoking weed) Some of you call this a no brainer but seriously it does very little to my skin because I've done experiments with it, but as the title suggests, I'm being completely sober.
  8. Hey man no worries, I used to be on minocycline 100mg twice a day. For quite a while (4ish months?) and then once a day before that for about 2 months. I am now done my prescription and refills and no breakouts (Be over 2 months) *Knocks on wood* The thing that I think did it for me was I weened myself off of them by lowering my dose to once a day, then once every other day, then once every 3 days, etc. But your getting a repeat prescription so the just remeber my above info for when your get
  9. Hey thanks man that actually makes a lot of sense, they do look quite a bit similar to that! I have a derm appt on the 25th or something so I'll enquire about that. Thanks!
  10. So yeah it's been ages since I've posted here but here I am once again, unfortunatley (No offense ) Recently everything has been going great I've been about 85% clear (Best I have ever seen which is sort of depressing). But within I'd say the last...three weeks my forhead has gone to hell, literally. I don't know what It is. I have been off Minocycline for over 2 months now but I know it can't be that because I would be broken out everywhere, not just my forehead. So to the issue. My cheeks:
  11. It tastes fine, really? Lol. Yeah the people saying they dropped it fast I can totally understand, it tastes like...well it's pretty undescribable. I'll look and see if I have honey, thanks for the tips guys there great.
  12. Yeah that's what I am using, 2 teaspoons twice a day. But not in 250ml of water, it's diluted in a lot less. But yeah I find if i fill an entire cup of it with something it's just prolonging the torture because it takes so much longer to drink. Thanks for the help guys! More tips welcome.
  13. Yeah so I just got the Organic ACV after hearing all these raving reviews about it. But I just can't stomach the taste. When I take the cap off I want to vomit, the smell of it just makes me curl. When I finally muster up the courage to throw it down I want to throw up, I gag and it burns the shit out of my throat, even when it's diluted with water the taste is still so strong. Does anyone know how to make this crap the least bit tolerable. It tastes sooo bad. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Alright so I've always wondered this question. My bro use to have acne when he was my age, but it was not as bad as mine. Mine is like moderate sort of and his was Mild- Moderate. Anyway he is now 20 and I just turned 18. He was really good skin. Crazy thing is he eats fast food EVERY day, drinks juice which has an insane amount of sugar in it, changes his pillowcase probably once every 3 weeks, gets drunk a lot (lol), Never gets the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night and doesn't eat healthy
  15. So I have finally gotten my acne under control (for now) because of Minocycline twice a day I get maybe 1 small active once a week which doesn't bother me. I now am struggeling with either scars or hyperpigmentation. I am not an expert on this so I am not sure what it is, I am hoping to god it Hyperpigmentation because then it's not permant. The worst ones are slightly purple so maybe you can make a conclusion from that, I will try to get pictures up tommorrow night. Anyway I have a Three ques