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  1. hmm i've been using a product called Acnecinamide PHA 10 gel for a week now, though it has cleansing gel and others as well, i only use that poli-hydroxy gel which seems to help reducing the excessive oil and red marks. but then again, i'm in Turkey, so no idea if it's available in other countries.
  2. Ah I remember your thread about acetone. So you used it. Glad you liked the result. Actually all acetone does is removing the excess oil left after washing your face and helping the peeling spread evenly on the surface.
  3. well I'm using nail polish remover acetone. it should be ok.
  4. hmm.. Afaik mandelic acid which helps reducing acne marks is produced from bitter almond. Considering this info, bitter almond stuff may also help. However, I'm not sure about the almond oil itself. Recently I bought bitter almond milk (which looser than creme form and more suitable for oily/combination skin), and I'm using it at night. It's a pretty oily product, so use with caution if you're prone to break outs.
  5. Hmm.. I was getting glycolic peel done at hospital and they always do it only one layer. Perhaps that's how it works for glycolic peels. I'm doing TCA peel at home now (once every 2-3 weeks) and go for 3 layers cause that's how TCA works more efficiently. Btw, I think it's more helpful on reducing redmarks and dead skin -but I wouldn't use it on acnes.
  6. Weird! My dermotologist also suggested me mesotheraphy once when I asked him about dermabrasion because one of the estheticians at the same hospital told me it might work. He, dermatology doc, told me to stay away from dermabrasion as I have mild scarring and may end up with more scars (thin skin texture), and suggested mesotherapy instead. Hmm, I've never thought about searching how it works or what it is actually. I better start searching.
  7. Jackiey, have you considered trying copper peptide with AHA for your pores? I've been searching for this treatment -well since last night. As far as I read until now, copper peptides improve scarred/large pores too.
  8. Hi, Does anybody ever used Alphaderma ce for acne scars? I saw that anti-aging product in a pharmacy, claiming it also improves acne scars along with wrinkles, however I'm concerned about the potential side effects (if there are any) as I'm only 26 years old and scared to use something not suitable for my age. Plus it's quite pricey. I'm really interested in giving it a try, but with that price first I need to be sure. Help!
  9. I think you should start with red mark treatment first and then when the most of them faded away, continue looking for more for the scars you have.
  10. May I ask what the strength of TCA that is usually used for crossing?
  11. Hey JustinJ, If that scar on your cheek is the only one on your entire face, listen your doctor. You really don't need any treatment for your scarring. In fact, you may end up a worse scarring in the end.
  12. After over 24 hours, no redness left on my cheeks. They became very very light brown as if I got sunburned. My skin is pretty tight, sort of stiffed, and looks on the way to from into flakes.
  13. Afaik, even TCA peel can't improve large pores (I read about it in a few TCA peel sellers' website). So hoping to get rid of them through glycolic peels would be wrong.
  14. You are right. Baking soda and AHA must have prepared your skin for a harder treatment.
  15. Yep, the derm is right, there is no downtime. Last year, I had 6 glycolic peel sessions which started with 10% and ended with 50%. None of them had downtimes. You should expect some peel off on the following days and that's all. I never experienced redness or whatnot -even after 50% peeling. And don't forget using sunscreen.