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  1. It's a nightmare, quinoderm has worked for years for me until it was discontinued. I managed to find panoxyl online but it made me peel and break out. I've had to order dans regimen, which costs a fortune in shipping. I might contact quinoderm directly to find out when they will be reissuing stock
  2. Hello, Just completed a 4 month course of accutane, my face has cleared considerably however i am still breaking out. Have three active spots around my mouth. Does accutane continue to work after the course? If so how long for? Thanks
  3. I find I have to do the regimen twice daily, otherwise I break out. Say I miss an evenings regimen, two days later I will start to get spots. Its annoying having to have to do it so often, especially after a heavy night out or if you stay round someone's house Also well paranoid about bleaching peoples pillows etc. How long before you break out if you miss a treatment?
  4. Hello, Has anyone here ever been to a private dermatologist in the UK, getting accutane on the NHS is a nightmare. Also how much did it cost (in total) and can anyone recommend a private derm. I've had acne since my teens, 27 now and fed up with it. My acne is mild but incredibly persistent and recently I've been breaking out more. I would really appreciate a response, Cheers
  5. I've been using it for years, works like a charm but is very drying!!
  6. Hello, I've been using 10% quinoderm BP for a few years now. Its very powerful, but does seem to clear my acne - get an outbreak every month or so of a couple of smallish spots otherwise clear. However it drys out my whole face. I have recently ordered some of Dans products and shipped them to the UK from the US. Very impressed with the Joba oil and AHA. Two things: 1) Will I have problems swapping from a 10% to a 2.5% (will it cause me to break out - has my skin become used to the 10%) 2
  7. Hello, Started lifting weights again recently and was thinking of buying some ZMA to supplement the building of muscles and help with sleep. Anyone used this stuff before and has it affected their acne? Cheers
  8. Yeah, given up - back on the basic regime. What are glycolic products?
  9. Heres the link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/TOOTH-BRU...OT-t211818.html
  10. Hello, I've been using the electric toothbrush method to exfoliate for around 6-7 days. Has anyone else using this method experienced a breakout of small red spots - over that period, almost looks like a rash. My skin looks worse then when I started using it, and I'm thinking of giving up cheers,
  11. I've just bought the zit emergency blaster and maximum face scrub - will update on their effectiveness
  12. I see Oxy have launched a new range of products aimed at mens skin: Anyone tried any of these products and if so, how were they?
  13. Been to Cuba, Mexico, Egypt - all poor countries and all had people with spots. Plus I tried chinese herbal medicine a few years ago, biggest waste of time and money ever. Just stank, tasted horrible and did nothing.
  14. I started using the 10% because 2.5% oxy on the spot ran out everywhere else and the 10% quinoderm is readily available. I use quinoderm which I buy from boots or sainsburys pharmacy, it is available over the counter in every chemist I've been to. This is in the UK. It is drying, but my skin has adapted and I use moisturiser so flakes are under control. The quinoderm has been very effective and as I stated in my previous post I am now clear.
  15. I've been getting spots since I was about 17, over the years I've tried quite a few different forms of treatment - conventional and unconventional. Started off with the standard GP prescribed antibiotics - both oral and topical. First off I had the best results on minocycline. Initially I had hardly any spots on my face but a load on my back. Accutane cured the back but after about 1 year the spots came back with a vengeance on my face - cheeks and jaw line. Then went for the old Chinese