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  1. I'm going in for my 3rd fraxel today. When I look in a regular mirror, it seems I had around 10-15% improvement, but when I look in the car mirror... omg. Perhaps its the oil that I can see and all the uneven skin tone. Sometimes I use the reflection of the sliding glass door, kinda like the car window, and it seems it has improved. Sometimes I feel like i'm looking alot better, then sometimes I think it's not helping at all. I hate lighting. This is so fustrating.
  2. Car mirror are the worst. Look at yourself in a regular mirror
  3. Why did you go to LDI? That place is worse than a used car dealership. You don't need laser for acne, not at 900 a pop. Find a real dermatologist in your area.
  4. My swelling has just gone down, i would say i recieved 3% improvement probably due ot the skin tone and just something about it seems softer. Its really quite sad. I dont see how I'm gonna get to 3% to 30% or even 40% ;/
  5. Has anyone seen improvements with just ONE session of fraxel?
  6. Hey guys, I just got my first fraxel session. I am Chinese. My settings were at 14mg 125density. He went over my face couple times, 4-6 ? The pain was almost unbearable sometimes, especially the forhead and the jawline! I have a question, it seemed when I left I was pinkish, but now I am just darker. Is this normal? The good news is all my rolling scars have disappeared due to the swolleness. Hopefully this is a good sign that I will get good results.
  7. I just had my first treatment. I am chinese. Settings were at 14mj 125 density. I'm not sure what passes mean but it seems he went over some areas like 4-6 times. Some places where it hurt too much he went over it twice. Hurt like a mofo. I am pinkish but now it seems my face is just very dark. Is this normal? My face is swollen and all my rolling scars are gone. Only if it could stay this way ;(
  8. Wow... 58 views and no one in Souther Cali is willing to post their quotes? This some sort of conspiracy or something?
  9. Yes there is a $200 consultation fee. However if you choose to have the procedure done, the consultation fee applies to the Fraxel cost. Holy crap... $200. That would be messed up if I go there and they quote me the same price as the other place or even more.
  10. That seems like a good price! Was there a consultation fee?
  11. how much were you quoted for over there?
  12. I've scanned through that fraxel thread. It does seem the average price is around 1000 per session, but I seen 3,000. The guy wasnt really an unknown, he's Dr. Pilest in Irvine. Heard about him here awhile ago. I guess he wasn't that. Still cannot compare to Mary Dolbry in La Jolla though. I just don't like the fact that they try to sell you these packages. The doctor left and in came the sales girl I guess. She was talking about how good he is this and that, yet when they showed me the proc
  13. Hi guys, Went for an consultation in LA and was quoted 5,000 for 5 sessions of fraxel. Outrageous. Felt almost like a sales pitch ;/ For 5,000 I could a damn face lift or some major plastic surgury. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for fraxel in Southern California. I want to spend around 3,000-4,000. Is there any doctors that CARE anymore??? Sigh... Thanks!