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  1. Ive cleared my acne by avoiding chicken. I avoud chicken. When i eat chicken i get cysts. I pay very very very close attention to my diet and the chicken worsens my acne.
  2. amanda8lynn22

    Tretinoin .1%

    Doxy 100mg daily Tri sprintec AM Baby wash Wait 30 min. ScarAway silicone gel for hypertrophic scarring Wait 30 min. Cetaphil cream PM Baby wash Wait 30 min. Tretinoin .1% cream all over except whiteheads BP 2.5% on whiteheads Wait 30 min. Cetaphil cream Occasional use of sulfur mask.
  3. hey! I just happened upon your blog and wow! what a story. I was so happy for you when I got to your last entry. it's really encouraging for me because my chin is a problem area as well. so how's your skin? still good? best wishes!

  4. You are Wasting your money. Companies cleverly disguise the same product in different bottles and slap a sticker with a name on the front so they can charge an extra $5. The following face washes contain the same ingredients yet are considerably different in price. Purpose Face Wash as well as Clean&Clear Sensitive Face Wash ~ $5 - $7 Target Brand Up&Up Baby Wash ~ $1.19 You get about 3-4 times more product in the Target wash at practically nothing compared to the price paid for the B
  5. I have been using 2.5% BP on my chin and nose morning and night in addition to my previous routine and antibiotic and BCP, and for months my face has been pretty clear. It wan't until I stopped drinking coffee that I've had consistently clear skin for months now. I am very happy and don't worry about people looking at me anymore. It wan't easy and my skin isn't perfect, but its looking normal and good and I'mv ery happy and never want acne again.
  6. I know what you are talking about, these "bumps" aka whitheads popping up over and over.. I've been using Retin-A .1% cream for about a year. (but I'm also on BCP and tetracycl.) And I haven't had clear skin until recently. I discovered that applying Retin-A to any type of open/inflamed acne WILL produce a whitehead. Just within the past month have I started using BP wash and 2.5% BP during the day and on open/inflamed acne at night, sparing the Retin-A on these specific areas. No more huge wh
  7. Hey!! Real honest blog and loving the fact ur smiling in your pic! please look throo my blog and share with others, acne doesnt have to be a 1 man/woman struggle! =)

  8. Ive been using Phisoderm for a few months now, and after awhile it started working on my bacne. The trick seems to be to let it sud up on your hands and then getly glide it over your skin without rubbing and esp. no scrubbing. Then rinse it off without touching. This is what helped me tremendously.
  9. I used Queen Helen's mask for awhile a year ago. The only advice I have if you want to use it, is do not put the mask on open pimples or even whiteheads. I made that mistake and in order to remove the mask from these areas, I had to scrub, and that made the whitheads pop and scar and get nasty and worse. Another side effect of using this mask on open pimples/ whiteheads is if you do not fully remove it from a clogged pore, your skin may heal over it and cause a green mark on your skin. I have on
  10. Atleast you're close to going on Accutane. I won't be able to afford it until I finish school and get a good job with benefits. You'll clear up on Accutane. I agree with you as far as not expecting any improvement anymore. It's been 6 years. I feel like I'm mentally ill because of my skin. Instantly every morning my day is ruined before it even began when I look in the mirror. I cannot wait to go on Accutane. You are so lucky.