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  1. Try eliminating hair care products that contain panthenol. It causes acne for a lot of people and it's a common ingredient in shampoo, conditioners, gel, etc. Eliminating it worked for me! hth
  2. My 25% peel (by my derm) gave me very poor results and "re-activated" my acne Once my adult onset acne was under control - I did a series of 3 TCA peels (by my derm) to lessen the hyperpigmentation and hopefully improve the overall clarity of my skin. He did a test patch behind my ear 2 months prior to the 1st peel. In October. 2003 I had a 15% peel with a few swipes of 20 on the darker areas. Minimal peeling, no "real" downtime, had slightly brighter skin as a result. (visible in 3 weeks). In