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  1. hey elliefs, have you tried BP? do you think lavender oil would be better? you'll have to keep us updated Aqueous
  2. Now I've been using the BP twice daily (was using only once daily to test for reactions after finding patch test on arm was all good) on the left side of my face (by treating only one side of my face, I can see the difference it's done) for about... 3 days. Let's say I started on the BP on the new year because that's easy to remember. I now have had a bit of redness-mild sunburn look which can be expected with the BP. Did you know that BP is used at a 50% concentration in the hardener for Build
  3. I just smeared Benzac AC 2.5% benzoyl peroxide on the left side of my face. I've been using it on my chest for three days now (once daily) and its cleared all the tiny pimples, now just waiting for the inflamed ones to heal. No redness whatsoever! Other Benzac AC users haven't had redness/much redness either (take a look at the reviews for it).
  4. You might like to try honey masks, or Aloe Vera Gel. Both have significantly helped me with evening out skin tone, reducing oiliness, hydrating skin and making it look healthy Just a thought, maybe you've already tried these, or maybe you haven't but I think they're worth a shot. I get Aloe Vera out of the plant in my garden (only the inner leaf aka clear (NOT yellow!) stuff) and smear it on, then wash off after about an hour. I find I have to wash it off, because when it dries it makes your f
  5. Scrubs can cause irritation and I don't believe they actually do anything great for clearing up or preventing acne. I was thinking of going with sea salt in water for a while (just smear it on with a cotton circle- the ones that can be used for removing makeup or dabbing antiseptic on wounds) but I just tried it and it leaves white specs of salt on my dryer-skin areas. I could go with this, get some aloe vera gel and put it on at night but definitely not go to school like that. Or maybe I'm no
  6. Oh thanks jokerj, I'm rethinking my 'acne plan'... now it's heaps of water (around 2L) and I have been doing aspirin masks but my skin is very sensitive and they leave me with a gentle-sunburnt appearance. So I'm holding them off for a while- maybe once a week. Sometimes I smear warm (not hot) tea bag of Green Tea on my face. I've cut off the ACV altogether. I think it is responsible for ruining my skin tone by applying it topically. Drinking it just made me eat alot less I don't want to try
  7. Just come back from the beach. The sun, salt and sand does wonders for my skin. Maybe using dead sea salts for my face might work out? I'm thinking next option, if the ACV makes no improvement, Dettol or dead sea salts but must do more research into the latter first to make an educated decision.
  8. My grandpa used to be a Chemist. He recommended diluted dettol (acording to instructions on the bottle) or maybe hydrogen peroxide. But dettol first because hydrogen peroxide needs more contact time with the skin to kill all 'nitty gritty' bacteria- not just the 'easy-to-remove, not-so-tough' bacteria than dettol does- diluted of course. So I'm thinking... next time I go shopping (soon probably) - some Dettol I will get! Gah I've really got to change my signature- it's OLD!
  9. So- where to begin? Facts, I think. Current Age: 14yrs 7 months Gender: female Age Acne started: 12.5 yrs when it was only very, very mild *sigh* Acne Severity now: mild to moderate before menstruating Acne suspected causes: Menstruation cycle, heredity, hormonal imbalance (being a teenager with crazy hormones and all ) Heredity: Yes, mum said she had acne from [about] age 13-18. Dad-mild I think. And what I've previously tried: Tea Tree Oil (TTO) - helps but does not prevent acne to full
  10. Definately make sure you do your research especially regarding lasers etc. Inexperienced people operating lasers can do more harm than good.
  11. otv.. i might have mistyped ACV which is apple cider vinegar

  12. What does OTV stand for?

  13. Has anyone you know, or you yourself read this ebook? Did it cure your acne 100%? No side effects? No extra costs?