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  1. I want to go ahead and acknowledge all of your replies. I have read them and I can relate/agree/familiar with almost everything that has been said. One weird thing that I notice - Every time I take fishoil, vitamin A, or vitamin D I start to develop a horrible butterfly rash. @alternativis - I totally think it is emotional because I went gluten free for 3 days about two weeks ago and I was still having this reaction to food. The reaction is decreased if I eat less. But it pretty much always h
  2. I don't know how to start this so here it goes. Right to the chase. Everytime I eat (90% of the time) I get this weird reaction. Be it yogurt and an apple. Be it pasta with tomato sauce. Be it chicken with vegetables. The reaction I get is this. My skin gets itchy. My face gets inflamed (you can tell because my lips get big and red). My butterfly rash that never goes away gets worse. Basically my entire face gets more red and SUPER uncomfortable. I am a pretty anxious individual and after I e
  3. ^I feel yah completely, I often wake up with bloody lips. bump.....
  4. i would go on accutane if i were you. its just an option..... Yeah, so he can pile on more problems, great suggestion. Does part of you never wonder why you need accutane to fix you from acne? Like are you not curious to know and see how/why acne can be dealt with without accutane?
  5. I'm 23 too and I really feel it's this time in life that life needs to take off, the career starts - you start having serious relationships etc and I'm just stuck at home ugly. It can't be hormonal at 23... I think it's my high metabolism. What do you think it is? Could it be a food intolerance or something? Are you having other symptoms asides from acne, what's your weight like? Regards Mariacne, I agree 100% with everything you have said on this thread. It's like you KNOW it's not ho
  6. Post like these are made almost everyday on this section of the forum and they make me so angry. Did you not read his entire post? He is uncomfortable, the poor kid can't even smile it hurts. Get it through your head people, acne doesn't just cause problems with appearance, sometimes it's more discomfort then the actual disfiguration. I, for example, am extremely irritable (can't you tell already).... all day, and it makes perfect sense because I feel uncomfortable in my own skin sometimes. I ge
  7. sowet

    Does the job for the time being No side-effects Reduces redness The pros are gone as soon as you stop taking it Antibiotics are not healthy Not a lasting solution Minocycline gets the job done when used properly. I have mild-sever acne and after trying everything for years, I finally decided to give it a try. Yes, i still had a few pimples here and there and 1 or 2 cystic acnes a month, but overall it cleared my pimples and redness like no other topical product has ever done
  8. Hey guys I was hoping some of you could help me with something. I'm trying to find a book that I could read that is related to health, nutrition, psychology, and just general well being. I like to learn about how I could improve my lifestyle. I know some of you have read such books and I was hoping you could chime in. Thanks in advance. Oh and I am currently studying biology/chemistry so a book that is also slightly challenging/in depth would be appreciated...should still be fun to read though
  9. I really don't know what to tell you... but I sure as hell wouldn't mess with vitamin A again. Personally, it didn't take care of pimples that much but instead my skin texture changed. Vitamin A will really change the keratinization of your skin... Interestingly though, I've been struggling with very nasty textures and scaly red patches. I was considering other vitamins.. and I stumbled upon vitamin D after going over it in one of my science classes. I read much more into it, and including pr
  10. Yepica, where are thou??? I am like the same height, weight, and probably same age as you who went through the same exact thing... im so curious to hear how you are doing. I think I ingested much larger doses of vitamin A for a longer time... so you can bet I am still struggling. How about you though? Are you improving? I went back and read about you losing weight.... I went from 150lbs to under 130lbs at my worst.... so yeah I experienced the same exact thing. I am happy to report I am back a
  11. I think I used to be that way too, although I don't think I've ever been one to really touch my face in general! Lol I can't nap in class Other than in Psych since notes are posted online, but i Have to pay attention to write my own notes. I will put my hand on my neck under my jaw when I want to rest my head actually. I don't break out there, so it's no problem hahah I do the same thing!
  12. ah that's a real shame ashley. I rememeber when I was like 14 and even 15 before I had acne... I used to have my hands constantly on my face... its so comfy! I can't even nap in class without looking wierd cause I dont like to rest my greasy forehead on my sleeves... so I have gotten creative lol
  13. You know how you have that list of things you want to do when your finally acne free!?!?!!?!? Well one of my biggest ones is to be able to touch my face ALL DAY. I constantly see kids in my class just have their hands on their face resting there. The entire time I am staring at them thinking.... I wish I could do that! I haven't purposely touched my face( besides washing) in like years. I've developed such a reflex that if anyone even tries to touch my face I snap back. What can't you guys wa