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  1. I too have had a cyst on my face for almost 2 years now. I have been back and forth back and forth to the Dermatologist, and also been to see a plastic surgeon. The Dermatologist thought this was a sebbacious Cyst, howver the surgous thought it was an acne cyst (on the count that I have a few spots surrounding this area, which i dont know if it is due to me touching that part of my face because i'm paranoid or what?!) So now I have been on every type of Acne medication possible and now am tr
  2. Hi Marie, I just have seen your blog and being called Marie and being in my mid twenties, I was drawn to your blog. I have just been prescribed Roaccutane by the Dermatologist and am about to start my dose today (I'm a bit scared to be honest). I never really suffered from spots at all as a teenager so now having acne and cysts for a couple of years now I really needed to do something. I j