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  1. I know there's a dermotologist place thats in San Clemente, but I don't know if it has that
  2. Has anyong else on accutaine had major nose bleeds? I had one last night and it wouldn't stop, is that one of the symptoms??
  3. well u could try neosporin. I haven't tried it myself but it's supposed to lessen the apearance of scars... for cuts :?
  4. oh thats great date someone so u can feel better about your skin
  5. I used the color stay foundation, until I spilt it onto the bathroom counter, and I couldn't get it off. It took pouring clorox bleech onto it before it would come up. If it did that to a counter, think of what it's doing to your face
  6. What were your side effects of the accutaine? And how long were you on it?
  7. Well, I won't think thank god I don't have a zit there, I'll be looking in a magazine and see some model with perfect skin, next thing I know Ive got a nice big zit on my nose
  8. sorry I kept you waiting. Well, when I was on accutaine my skin peeled off, I thought that's what happened with everyone's skin when on accutaine. My brothers did the same thing
  9. hey Jay last year I took accutaine, and for the 1st month I peeled. If I would scratch my forehead it would look like it was snowing, but after a month I didn't have any acne or scarring. After 3 months I had to stop because I had mood swings and major nose bleeds. My skin was perftect for about 6 or 7 months after that, but then It all came back, and wouldn't go away. Next week I'm going to do accutaine again, but on 10 or 20mg ( before I was on 75mg) I heard that if your on a higher doze t
  10. hey Maya, In your last message you were talking about scotch tape helps redness and scarring. Are you sure that scotch tape is alright for your face? I would love to know if your experiment works. If you find out anything could you please inform us? Thank you Val