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  1. i am 2/3 though one of these bottles and i have had no issues so far i did have a reaction to the batch that Dan recalled a few months ago i have been on the reg since Feb so maybe my skin has just adjusted, i am more or less clear
  2. yeah, i am using the DKR but i would say that it took about 6 months to get just about all of them gone no major improvements from months 2-5, i always had a few that kept popping up so just keep going is my rec
  3. shave everyday seriously it helps ( i know its a hassle) i have gotten much better since I starting shaving everyday and it really helps remove dry skin
  4. My Current Regimen: THANKS DAN FOR ALL THE GREAT INFO AM (7-9 AM) 2 pumps Dan's cleanser on neck and cheeks, shave with Gillette sensor excel (everyday) 1 pump Dan's clenser over entire face, 10-20 sec wait 5-10 mins 1.5 pumps Dan's BP, 2-4 min wait 15 mins 1-1.5 pump Dan's Moisturizer with 5 drops Jojoba Oil, 1-2 min spot treat with Dan's AHA+ PM (9-11 PM) 1 pump Dan's clenser over entire face, 10-20 sec wait 5-10 mins 2 pumps Dan's BP, 2-4 min wait 15 mins 1-1.5 pump Dan's Moisturi
  5. 4 months = awesome flakiness and redness is just about all gone and I usually use 2 pumps in the PM and 1.5 in the AM. 95% of all zits are gone, just have 2 marks that don't want to fade above my eye brow i dare to say, but i might just be perfect in another month or two! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, stop everything you are using and switch to the DKR, it really works, i WISH i had this when i was in high school and college, would have completely changed my life
  6. it's working for me, at about 3.5 months i am 24 i tried a lot of stuff, nothing worked as well as this
  7. I've been on the DRK for over 3 months now and like 95% clear. I get a few smaller ones every now and then but they go away rather fast and aren't that much of a big deal. Nevertheless, I have 2 on my temple that will not go away. They aren't actual zits anymore, rather just large red marks. They have been there for like 6 months now, and I am beginning to wonder if they will ever fade on their own. I was wondering what, if anything, Dan and acne.org recommends for this? I heard that olive o
  8. took 3 months to work for me the biggest problem for me (and kinda still is) was the redness it is getting better but still kinda fustrating nevertheless, its great not to have any zits you should relaly give it a try, i regreated waiting so long to try it
  9. i use both am 2 fish oil 1 multi with 15 mg zinc pm w/ food 2 fish oil 1 30 mg zinc no idea if they actually work, but i have gotten a lot better using these and DKR
  10. i also wanted to mention that i switched to the Gilete Sensor Excel razor per Dan's recommendation it is really SO much better than my Fusion 5-blade (and cheaper too)! really cuts down on the irritation
  11. 3 months down and let me say, this is going awesome! i haven't looked this good since....? 6th grade, ha almost all active zits are gone and most of the old ones have faded i still have a few stubborn ones that won't quite fade, but hopefully will be gone in a few months... nevertheless, i can finally go out and not think people will think about my acne also, the redness from the BP is down significantly from a few weeks ago everyone who is struggling with this, just keep going and try to be
  12. how did the continous clear regimen work for you? if i had to use something other than DKR i would use that with the same application as the DKR. the BP made me really red and it was hard to apply it evenly and consistent, Dan's BP is much better imo. i did get a lot better under continously clear, but never worked as ngood as DKR is working thanks, I saw the video for it yesterday on HSN.com and the stuff seems legit. did you also use the dry-lo? yeah, i used the dry-lo for yea
  13. thanks man, this is why i use these products, you stand behind them fully
  14. i just got a 1/11 bottle in the mail today says 9028 on top of that i think people need to post that other number too as it is likely the batch number i just tried it and it might have stung a bit more for a min, but i didn't notice anything really different. i might have gotten a bit more red, i'm not sure yet, i only tried the new batch once, and then went back to my old bottle that should last another few weeks... hopefully we are short this thing out soon...
  15. i really hope nothing happened to the latest batches.... i have been using a 11/10 batch and things are going great... i am like 90% clear now i still do get red for awhile, and i have been using for almost 11 weeks i just bought 2 16 oz kits.... to be good for next 6 months... if something is indeed wrong with the current batches, what will dan do? has this ever happened before? can we return/replace them?