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  1. I agree.... ILLEGAL... No offense to anyone here who smokes cause I know it's addicting but I cant even stand it when someone is beside me smoking. It makes me feel so gross... I am glad they banned it in bars in my city. I hope you all can build up the will power to quit we want you alive and well!! They already made the benign smoke (weed) illegal now you want to take tobacco away? When smoking is illegal, the terrorists have won...
  2. I have been using the Regimen for about a year now. I use the Regimen kit supplied here and nutregena AHA from time to time and it was highly successful until lately. Lately I have had a resurgence of my acne mainly around my mouth. When I think about changes I have made the only thing that comes to mind is my moms dog. I developed a minor skin allergy to the dog dander not long after we got her. I break out in hives and rashes when untreated but with claritin it is under control. Over the summe
  3. I used to wear polyester shorts while hiking and got a wicked case of folliculitis that is resistant to every antibiotic i have tried. Derm said it was from polyester and I have been cursing synthetics ever since. Do your body a favor and wear cotton.