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  1. So yeah, this isn't really an update because that would be totally off-topic. But I've been using new face washes and stuff an my face is sort of clearing up, I'd say I have like mild acne now, like maybe 2 or three big zits and like 10 little things on my face, mostly on my left cheek. Somewhat emotionally helpful to see it go away, but we'll see. I've been doing a lot of charity work and stuff to make me feel better about myself. I hate to do this and be like an advertiser but I know all the
  2. Thanks :D.

    It's very nice to meet you.

  3. stellar smile you have:) and im Jaxin at your service.

  4. xD RC is the fake coke they give us at school. But I like the avvie you made for him=].
  5. Have you considered acutane? It could help disapear a lot of the acne or clear you up. In the worst-case scenario (Acne just as bad by audition) I don't think that they will base it totally on looks. I'd just throw some concealer on and act your heart out (like you said.) In the real industry, the profssional make-up artists are like geniuses, and as grim as it may seem a lot of parts require people with acne. -edit- I used disappear as a verb o.O
  6. do you talk like that all the time or just when you are making a video? You seem very jittery... That's just how I am xD.
  7. *ignores Gio's comment * And yeah meteor feel free to hijack haha. I'm pretty happy with myself actually, it may sound pretty stupid but Dan's regimen cleared like half my acne in a few days . Love the cheesy phrase xDD. Ha! I can advertise my random vlog on here since it's my topic and I won't feel as bad. For your daily fix of stupid and random rambling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93-GuhlDB8s
  8. xD Made a really random podcast on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93-GuhlDB8s Only watch it if you feel like hearing me ramble on about myself...else it's a waste of your time. . Yeah, just thought that I could post that here...
  9. I'm 18 and have never had anything more than friendship with a guy. I'm a-ok. You're a pretty girl, and acne won't be a part of your life forever - just keep treating it. Someday you'll be a hot mama with too many guys to choose from. Yeah, I probably shouldn't have said that. I realize now it's pretty stupid. -edit- Now if I haven't been in a good relationship by my 80s...we have a problem . Hehe.
  10. Well, I had been using about one fingertip of BP in the evening for a while, but when I heard about the regimen I immediately turned that into like a quarter and a half xD. So far at least half my acne is gone, I had like light-moderate and now it's light.
  11. I think most of the reason people in my school are really "like that" is because it's like the smallest school in the world. I have 17 other people in my class and the ratio of girls to boys is 2:1 (we have 12 girls 6 boys). So it really leaves room for everyone to say everything about everyone if you know what I mean xD. The guy I was talking about doesn't even go to my school ha.
  12. Catuttane xDDD. It's starting to go away though ^__^, natural healing guys, natural healing.
  13. Thanks for the welcome ^_^.

    I sure do appreciate it. :).

  14. I thought this was the only place I could post this. I found it somewhat humorous. My cat got a bump on his lip, and we thought he was just sticking out his tongue till we looked at it harder and opened his mouth to examine it. So, we call the vet and apparently my CAT has a cyst (and would go away). Little kitty acne. Thought it was funny xD.