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  1. this post is going to be short. Accutane works. Best decision I've ever made. My face is clear right now (I've been off for about 3 months), and was for the last 2 months of my journey on accutane. If it comes back in the future it, then oh well. But right now my face is awesome, it was worth it. Don't think about it, do it.
  2. My face is great.. just having a major problem with dry hands. Can I use anything on them? Please gimme a few, I use aquaphor on my lips, and cetaphil on face for moisturizing. TY
  3. Just wanted to update you guys.. I've been on accutane for about 50 days now. I'm 5'10, 175 lbs, and I'm on two pills of 40mg a day. Side effects.. lips are bad.. face isn't bad, only dry spots are the actual pimples when I have them, LOWER BACK IS HORRIBLE. Not depressed at all, though. Now, the positive. My face is really smooth, and basically spotless. A few redmarks here and there, but I don't mind them at all. No cysts, not one whitehead. Although, my back is much worse, where ther
  4. don't be worried about depression on accutane.. I look at it like this? (I'm on accutane by the way). Some days, my skin is clearer then others, and I'm sooooo happy. The other days, sure I'll be a little down in the dump if I have a few pimples. Just do the accutane, its the best decision you'll make.
  5. hahaha, it could be the easiest and best solution... EVER ! But... probably not .
  6. not to depress you.. but mine sucked... day 10-15 were the worst.
  7. my acne has been persistent since I was 13 (I'm 16, soon 17). It was never severe, nor cistic, I just had very moderate and consistent. It's the only thing that has worked for me! Patience is a virtue!
  8. I'm one month through my 80mg a day 5 month course, and already I have huge success my face is so smooth.. its unreal. I have NO active acne, just the red spots. My lips suck, but thats nothing that cannot be handled, and even my face is not too bad (not even dry enough that I need moisturizer!) Just two questions for accutane users of now or the past 1.) After all active acne was gone, how long did it take for the red spots to start fading? 2.) Will my face get dryer then the point it is
  9. I also take 80 mg a day (2 pills) I take one around 10:30, and one around 7 (so brunch and dinner)
  10. I don't know why you would risk doing anything while on accutane? I'm sure you can go without smoking for 5 months or however long your term is. if you're going to do it, don't do it as often, definetely cut down.
  11. Yeah I'm into 1 month of accutane... in the first 2 weeks I experienced my share of lower back pain, especially after bending down for more than a minute (brushing teeth) its subsided since then
  12. I am on 80mg a day (40 in the morning, 40 at night), and I have been dealing with mild/moderate acne for about 3 years now. I am 16.
  13. Yes, I just started Accutane and was wondering if I could continue using Neutrogena on the spot at night, and triaz face wash in the shower. Thanks.