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  1. i'm also doing the low dose... i'm doing 20mg/day for a month or two and by then i'll ramp it down to maybe 40mg a week... the reason i dont want to do, say, 20mg a week for several months is i'm in college and cant go that long and have a fun social life without getting hammered alot
  2. so i have 4-5 really close friends i live with, and the rest are casual friends, but one thing that unites us all is heavy binge drinking, pretty much every night... obviously i cant drink while on accutane, so does anyone have any ideas of how to tell people without sounding like a douchebag? yea my close friends i care about will know the truth, but the rest? maybe say ive been having liver issues or something, what do you guys think (based on my previous habits, EVERYONE will know somethi
  3. i went to mexico for spring break this year, with a bunch of other college guys/girls, and was on the regimen... what i did was put moisturizer w/ sunscreen on my face in the morning, and used bp every other night and moisturizer afterwards. i got plenty of sun even a really bad burn on the face, and i think my acne might have gotten a bit worse after getting home, but it was all worth it... dont let something like an acne regimen take up too much time of your vacation.
  4. ive been taking a break from harsh products and drinking a lemon in the morning and at night for about a week now... i'm definitely starting to clear up, and my face has been very very dry requiring loads of moisturizer... obviously the lemons are having an accutane-like affect on me because washing with just water sure as hell never made my face even the smallest bit dry (plus i've noticed some of the same little idiosyncracies i had while on accutane). i expect my skin's moisture level to bal
  5. agreed, if you drink smirnoff ice youre just asking to be called a pussy... but as for alcohol in general it can dehydrate you and also cause fluctuations in hormones, so although this may not effect everyone it does aggravate acne for some
  6. when i used it i would slowly pour a little bit into my palm, then put it on a cheek or side of my neck and gently massage it around the general area... you have to be careful that you dont get this stuff in your mouth/eyes/ears though if youre wondering i stopped using it because it only kills the bacteria, but has no effect on sebum production, over-shedding of dead skin cells, and inflammation, so you will eventually want to suppliment it with something that does
  7. i think a problem that many people have is they(we) try to emphasize cleansers and treatments OVER diet, so my question is, what is your regimen as far as cleaning/moisturizing (or lack thereof)?
  8. congrats man! i, too, am on the TTO/2%SA route and am liking what i see...
  9. i got TTO and jojoba oil and i plan on mixing the two to make the TTO around 5% of the solution, but i was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for how to go about mixing them and in what kind of container? i have an eyedropper already...
  10. no one ever said poor food choices cause acne, but people with acne seem to have some sort of hereditary problem with processing these bad foods, which was supposedly proven in this study... and if you still think there is NO link between acne and food, then at this point you are just being ignorant
  11. whey never made my acne any better or worse, but creatine is known to cause acne in some athletes... so its up to you if you wanna take the risk.
  12. hibiclens is an antiseptic used in the medical industry, that just so happens to kill p. acnes bacteria. search the board and read some of the threads on it before you consider ordering, because it can be pretty dangerous if you get it in the eye, ears, mouth, etc. oh and drugstore.com sells it.
  13. anyone see a problem with this combination? hibiclens is the only thing that keeps my face 80+% clear and doesnt make it look like crap, but i'm interested in applying tea tree oil after washing with hibiclens... is this overboard though since they are both essentially antiseptics? and if i use tea tree oil, should i dilute the 100% with water or with jojoba? (is this the good australian stuff? http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...681&catid=47706 ) thanks