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  1. dolphin82

    My acne.org regimen progess

    Chronicles how my face has progressed on this program.
  2. oo you welcome! :) uhhh yeahh it stopped peeling but thanx for answering my question! :)

    1. yoo dolphin..cute name ..ur looking good i saw ur progress pictures in teh gallery u should put ur b4 and after in the success stories..u might motivate other people too have clear skin! :)....but its up too you :D


      ohh yea quick question did the bp ever make you peel?

      1. dolphin82

        My First Day

        This week will by my 6th week on the regiment. I've pretty much always had clear skin. I would get a zit here and there during that time of the month. But almost 2 years ago I tried mary kay, got off bc and back on it again and it totally messed my skin up. I had/have cysts on my jawline and zits on my cheeks, chin and forehead. I finally went to a derm in august and he prescribed all this stuff that made my skin worst. I stubbled on to this website and thought i would give the regiment a sho
      2. dolphin82

        BP Once a Day at Night

        I'm curious about this as well. I would honestly like to see results just using it at night and perhaps as a spot treatment in the morning as needed because of the irritation and redness involved using it in the morning. This week is my fourth week on DKR and I only use the BP at night and my skin is doing great so far. I have two pimples at the moment b/c my monthly visitor is here(lol).