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  1. Hey, If your accutane course is successful it'll probably change they way you prioritize your skin. I mean you say you stress over certain foods affecting your skin, hopefully you just won't think about your skin at all, probably worry over if it'll make you fatter. Before accutane lots of things made my bad skin even worse, and it ruined my enjoyment of those activities. Now I don't wash for days on end, eat anything and drink a lot more alcohol than I should, it's awesome. I never think abou
  2. (oh noes! my comment got shortened! :X) But again, thank you again for your response! It was very nice of you :) I hope you're doing well! Cheers!

  3. Hi there! I haven't been on here for months :X Thank you for your response to my post! I really appreciate it :) My parents know about my bacne, though sometimes they try to tell me it's nothing. I've given up on derms because my last visits were just a waste of money :S But...I'm willing to take another chance and go see another one. I see no other solution, really :/ lol

  4. It's kinda funny that the opinions of strangers, you won't really see again, seem to matter.
  5. probably like $1000 a month. Luckily accutane has worked out really well for me, so that's only $1 a day for me in Oz. Bargain!
  6. Thanks for coming back to post an update. I been on tane for 5, nearly 6 months, I couldn't be happier with the results, but one does wonder about the long term results. Congrats and thanks again.
  7. I had a bad breakout when I was 14 and I used some of my sister's makeup to cover it up. Someone at school noticed and pointed it out, I was so embarrassed, I didn't go to school for a week after that. Luckily the guy that noticed was really good about it, we became good friends after that, in fact 14 years later he's the only friend I made in high school I still keep in contact with. I suppose It's quite a nice story, goes to show people aren't all bad, they can have a very sympathetic side.
  8. She's 14 and getting attention from college men? Sounds unhealthy.
  9. Hi, I've been on 'tane for over 5months now. I had pretty mild acne, but most of it was on my back and chest, my face was oily, and my nose was the oiliest part of my face. The first month of 'tane my face got oilier, but my body acne cleared up completely, it was amazing. By the end of the 3rd month my face was a thousand times better. I started 'tane at 27, before that I was unaware there was anything that could be done about what seemed to be a mild problem. Personally, accutane has been
  10. Well done! I've enjoyed reading your posts, your on about the same time with 'tane as I am. Good to compare how irritated you are with the side effects. I'm still going for 2 months or more, I only pop 40mg a day, but I'm very interested to see how quickly you bounce back to normal, post-tane. So, congratulations, keep posting.
  11. Doxy didn't work out as well as you'd hoped? Are you going to try keep trying to treat acne with other medications?
  12. Yeah JA66 knows whats up ..... If your condition is playing on your mind, go see a dermatologist. If you need medication you'll have to see one anyways. Dermatologists know all about which drugs do what to your skin. But if your condition doesn't bother you enough to make time and spend a few bucks... then you're a lucky guy.
  13. Hi, I wish you and your daughter luck. By the sounds of it ..... the sun protection may be your daughter's biggest issue on accutane. I've been taking accutane down in a really sunny part of Australia this southern summer. It was hard work, I used big hats and have just been as careful as possible. If your daughter tans easily she should find it easy to learn her "sun limits". Summer is more humid so it helps with the skin dryness that accutane produces. Fighting the sun is the lesser of the
  14. Hi, I just cured my mild persistent acne with accutane. I started accutane at 27, but I'd had mild acne since 14. I tried antibiotics previously and all the over the counter soaps and so on. I put off going to a dermatologist for years thinking my acne didn't warrant specialist attention. I was wrong, my dermatologist was glad to see me, and more than happy to prescribe accutane. If you have tried all other acne treatments including oral antibiotics (regular GP's hand these out) and you are