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  1. Lola123

    New Pimples? Again?!

    Night: wash my face with cetaphil facial foam (specially formulated for acne prone skin), then put on aczone and alittle atralin on top then sometimes ill pat cerave moisterizer on top after the medicne dries, plus pop my birth control to keep hormones regulated and usually keep acne under control! Morning: same routine minus atralin and birth control, but plus makeup (all non-comenogic and sensative) ... I have recently been using a new foundation that i mix with my usual clinique one.. i got
  2. Lola123

    New Pimples? Again?!

    For some odd reason after 4 months now of being beautifully clear i broke out on my cheeks with four big red cysts. Im not sure if it something i am doing new, the change in weather, or maybe my change in diet (not that i changed it i just recently lost too much weight unintentionally so have been eating whatever id like to gain it back- hence a nice amount of crap) maybe my being alittle more sad for being away from a place i loved this summer and back in school which i dont so much love? I thi
  3. Lola123

    All Clear

    Hello fellow acne sufferers! Im back!! I always HATED the posts that read "oh im doing so well!" or "Oh my skin is looking so great!" because any time I was on this website or reading or writing in my blog - it was because my skin SUCKED. like Major SUCKED (*if any of you followed me in the beginning of the summer you know what im talking about) SO- Im not going to start bragging about anything...what I am going to do is write to all of you about how I got to where I am now. Basically w
  4. Lola123

    Summer Time

    well used to be lots of antibiotics...then accutane...then birth control...then completely clear so stopped it all...stupid move on my part cuz it came back full blast..so went back on the only thing that cleared me (birth control) and im clear again and left with the remains- bad bad bad remains
  5. Lola123

    3 Months Later...eh

    thanks. this definitely cheered me up a bit since i know it is very true.
  6. Lola123

    Summer Time

    So...the long summer trip is tomorrow..the day ive been waiting for anxiously and nervously is here. I have very mixed feelings towards it because a) my skin is definitely clear! thats for sure. (of course there are those couple of spots here and there that bother me but ill deal) but b) i still look like i have terrible acne because of the scars allll over my cheeks. the scars are bad. very bad. almost as bad as having the acne still. i hate to complain because it is so much better then it
  7. Lola123

    3 Months Later...eh

    So I am three months into birth control and a month and a half now on solodyn.. things have definitely cleared up since my initial break out but with clear ups come scars. this can be so much worse then acne! because even with the clearer skin it still looks like i have bad acne! I am leaving in a couple of days...so much for being really clear and feeling confident. right now i am not at ALL feeling confident. this sucks. anybody have some words of encouragement? im in need
  8. Lola123

    Please Help Me

    You went on accutane and it didnt help? thats interesting... I was on accutane and it helped for about a year and a half.. regardless of my case- i can relate 100% to what your going through. I say see a derm, have him prescribe you something oral and topical again and stick to it for a couple of months. thats what i did and so far ...it is working i must say. (i used to pick a medication and hate how i looked and give up and just go on a nasty cycle of continuos breakouts) but honestly buddy- i
  9. Lola123

    Acne Everwhere

    Hi sweety. Listen, I also started breaking out at around 12 (if you read my blog you can see ive been going through it now for 8 years..) but listen, if you have pimples like that at 13 its okay to go to a doctor and he can help you get rid of it now while your young before it gets worse when you really go through puberty. thats the mistake i made- was not tackling it while it was still fresh. now i am struggling with scars... it looks to me though like you have a really easy case to get rid
  10. Lola123


    Im smiling as i write this right now. I was really scared to do so because i really dont want to jinx it but i think it is time. My face has really cleared up. Big time. I am really happy with how its going but again- i dont want to jinx it so i wont get ahead of myself. but seriously- compared to what i was writing about and how i was feeling and looking only a couple of weeks ago this is a huge turnaround! My right cheek- well lets just say it is SOFT! i havnt felt soft skin on my cheek
  11. Lola123


    Sooo far.. If you read my blog youll see how awful of a time ive been going through with my battle with acne. But im about to post now my first one in a long long time of how much clearer my skin is looking. check it out
  12. Lola123

    Not A Good Day

    I can relate completely. I also avoid places unfortunately because of how self conscious I am about my skin and how i look. I know people dont see it as bad as i do..but i will always feel that they do. I just keep telling myself to think positive and it will/is getting better!
  13. Lola123

    Forcing Myself To Think "pretty"

    thanks. I definitely did a good job at changing my attitude this weekend and it felt good.
  14. Lola123

    Forcing Myself To Think "pretty"

    Well, I have three weeks to go until i see people again that i havent seen in 6 months now. my face has definitely calmed down but the scars dont allow my face to show any progress- they are just as ugly...okay im exxadurating not just as ugly...but ugly still as having bad acne. I want them to fade more so that i dont look awful without makeup! please please please g-d let them fade more i am going to be going to the beach and swimming and sleeping over with friends and i dont want to worry abo