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  1. Good luck to you too That "alad" number which they are testing keeps going up and down despite not being on medication for quite a while now. Nobody seems to know why that is the case. Oh well
  2. Thanks for the replies and sorry about the late response. I wanted to be absolutely sure of what my derm. wanted to happen before I concluded things here I've been speaking to my derm. once a forthnight as I take new bloodtest every forthnight. My liver count is still high, but it's nothing to do with triglycerides... It's a bit strange they test different things there and different things here It still hasnt dropped to whats acceptable but when it does (i hope it does), she wants me to go on
  3. She is being responsible yes, but it's a desperate situation for me, which is why i'm asking if anyone has any experience with high liver count and what can be done to it As for alcohol, it says nowhere that you can't drink and she never said i shouldnt either. Here, it's called "accutin" and not accutane, but i think its the same. Maybe it's not the same as Accutane in the US but at least this one says nowhere that u cant drink alcohol Either way, alcohol is not waht has increased my test res
  4. So I started on accutane back in october(3*20mg daily) and for the first time in ages I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I really believed that with time my problem would disappear due to this drug. Unfortunately, my liver tests were too high (one of the numbers they test anyway, i think it was ALAT). I think my tests showed 17 before but has raised to about 200 during the course. Since December I've been on and off Accutane, trying with 20 mg daily which worked okay actually. It in