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  1. awww that's awesome!! ive been on retin-a for almost three weeks and ive been on birth control for two months but my acne just seems to be going through the "getting worse before it gets better" phase. and it's yucky and cystic. your progress is amazing!!! i hope mine is like that too!!!
  2. i've had the worst acne for about eight years, and i started using retin-a a week and a half ago because in a few months i'll be attending a few interviews for medschool, and i really don't want to look like i don't take care of myself! i'm so impressed that you've stuck it at so long, after 11 days of retin-A my face looks horrible but you've really motivated me to continue using it! please keep writing your log so that you can continue to inspire the rest of us =) good luck!