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  1. Ok, well, I found some Gold Bond Body Powder and I am going to start on that regimen ASAP. I will keep you guys intact with my progress (or not progress). I am going to be applying it twice everyday, once after a shower and once at night.
  2. To be honest, not really. I just use my erythromicin solution occasionally and wash my face only at night with water. To be honest, the thing that really helped me the most was ignoring it. I think what made it worse was the constant stress I put on my face by washing it, picking at it, and going chemical warfare on it. Thanks for the compliment though.
  3. Thanks everybody with your help!!! My body acne is gone too!!! I just have weird stains so if you want to help me with that you can reply here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/rid-it-t239933.html Thanks!!!
  4. Alright, well, I am 15 (16 in July), and in september 08 - February 09 I had severe Acne on my face and chest/back. Well, I didn't go on Accutane, but instead just ate healthier and changed a couple basic routines, and my Acne has turned to mild. However, now my bacne and chest acne of before have left nasty stains! Icky!!! I want to go swimming with some babes soon!!! How do I fix this?!?!?!?! Thank you!!!! Sorry for the weird face picture hahaha
  5. Hey guys, I have suffered from mild acne on my face, but the parts where it is the worst is my chest and back, I would say I used to be moderate on my back and chest. The doctor put me on a topical and pill antibiotics that have worked out great, I am completely clear on my face, and my back acne and chest acne is almost done with active pimples. The problem is, the old pimples that used to be there leave very dark red stains, how do I get rid of these?
  6. Nope. Erythromycin or something along those lines as a topical, and Septra DS as my antibiotic pills. Here is basically what my schedule for my skin is: On weekdays: Wake up, take 10 minute (not 30 minute anymore, hehe) warm shower, get out, dry off whole body and hair with towel, scrub back with towel, lightly rub face with towel. Put on the Erythromycin topical, which is an alcohol based non-gel (liquid) topical so I don't need to worry about people noticing it. At school I almost never to
  7. Update! I have been eating extremely healthy, and been prescribed new medicine from the doctor in early January and it has worked out fuggin' awesome, plus it wasn't Accutane! I still have some back acne, but on my face I am completely clear! I just have some spots from where the acne used to be! Here is a picture! Cheers!
  8. 1. Change your bed sheets and pillow case EVERY week. 2. Drink 5 glasses of water a day. 3. Eat a healthier diet. This includes veggies, fruits, and non-fried meat. Eat a LOT of fish diet, this doesn't include fried or breaded fish, but smoked is the best and healthiest way. 4. When you take a Shower, set the shower head so it has maximum water pressure, and use that on your back when you put on soap. Make sure the soap sets into your skin for 3 minutes before rinsing it though. 5. Put aloe
  9. Honestly, I am a 15 year old guy, and I don't think your bacne is bad at all. I wouldn't be afraid of wearing a tank top if I were you. I would do Dan's regimen, as I have a little bit of back acne and I am going to start it. I have tried just using soap on it in the shower for a month now and it has actually gotten worse. Drink lots of water and do Dan's bacne regimen.
  10. Okay guys, well, I have a gentle cleanser for taking a shower, it is that body soap from Gillette that also has a hydrator. I want to follow the regimen since I have mild-moderate bacne, and I need the "10% alpha hydroxy acid with licochalcon". Where does one get this, and what is it called? I do not want to order it online. Would say, target have it? Does it come in a lotion? Thanks!
  11. That is moderate acne, not severe. Here is my recommendation: If you haven't tried to use the products consistently for 3 months, do that, because if you just use retin-a or something for a month and it doesn't work, and switch medications, you aren't doing yourself justice. I wouldn't recommend accutane, as it weakens bone strength, gives horrible mood swings, drys your skin and lips, and overall just an unhealthy medication, not to mention your acne isn't too terrible. Your acne is very red
  12. god dammit... okay, so, well, I couldn't help myself to the junk food this christmas and look where it's gotten me. I am really sad right now and need to fix this immediately. I am going to look in the photo album 30 years from now, look at the 2008 Christmas photos, look at my acne filled pizza face and tell myself,"holy crap, I was really ugly." Merry christmas.
  13. Update! Been doing the same old, and my skin has gotten just a little bit better look wise, but has been a lot smoother and less irritating. People's eyes are finally not straying away from my eyes to my face while talking to someone.
  14. small case. put some bp on there, don't touch your face, change your pillow case weekly, and drink more water and you should be good to go.
  15. Update guys! Here are some more pictures. I stopped taking doxycycline because it was making me feel sick, and lowered my intake of garbage food. I haven't necessarily stopped, but I toned it down. Basketball season has also started. Do you guys see any progress?