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  1. http://www.oriflame.co.uk/prod/common/Quic...y&CATID=scClear http://www.oriflame.co.uk/prod/catalog/Bra...ml?CATID=scAloe http://www.oriflame.co.uk/prod/catalog/Bra...CATID=scTeaTree http://www.oriflame.co.uk/prod/catalog/Sku...CATID=scTeaTree What do you think. This tee tree has manuka also.
  2. What do you mean when you say break outs in the first few months- 3 small zits a week, or the whole face being covered?
  3. Are you like me- not many pimples but 2 stubborn cysts a month?
  4. I weigh 190 pounds. 87 kg. How many mg then should I take? Also I'm 187 cm- thats approx. 6'1-6'2
  5. All in my family(fathers side) has oily-seborreic skin. Dandruff... I have very sensitive soft skin so when I pull out a zit thats coming out with a tweezer i still get a crater. My grandma had them and my brother but mostly on his back( now he has marks as though he has been struck with a knife). I wear soft contacts, and don't care about summer (atleast I'd have time to study). I must go first to a derm.
  6. For how long does the initial break last? Again I've read about this guy's log(on this forum) who had breakouts on the 6th week and felt extremely depressed. Could I do it over the summer break? My father is 51 yo and still sometimes gets a zit(every 2 months but still). I havent been to a derm for the last 3 years so maybe now he would give me something. I had a friend who was on accutane so I can ask him, he was on tane even he had less than me. He had chapped lips,dry skin and nose bleeds(f
  7. Yeah but others have nose bleeds, don't get cleared up for 6 weeks... I don't have many zits- maybe 4 or 5, but my problem are those cysts. Could I go on a low dosage? Also I have body acne. Arms and delts. You can see that zit on my forehead:(quality is bad)
  8. I am worried of the side effects, nose bleeds, and the break outs. I'd rather be like this than have pimples for 4 months. If I go on low dosage are the side effects still bad?
  9. So you think I shouldn't go an 'tane. I have very oily skin also. I've been on antibiotics before and they did nothing. The derm says he's seen worse(although from 300 people in my school 6 had acne like I did) and gives me the same old story- go to a face cleaning(useless,gets the same the next day), drink more water, work out, healthy food (I do all of that) ,clindamycin(sp), differin,... Nothing helped. Only time. I used pb nothing. So I am suposed to go to the derm for cortisol shots 2
  10. Also I have seborrhea and lots of blackheads on my nose. I get that big zit I was talking about once a month(maybe twice)
  11. I am a 20 yo male that had severe ance from 11-18 and still have scars. I have cleared up a bit but I am getting now acne that doesn't have anything to squeeze out, it's deep and looks like I bumped my head (about 3-3.5 cm wide ,very red and 0.4cm upwards). It stays the same for 1 week,then get's smaller and leaves a mark for about 5 months. Should I go on roccutane because when I was younger nothing the derm gave me didn't work (all those gels, creams,... do shi t because the problem comes from
  12. Recently I have been getting these strange pimples.I'll describe them. They are big, red,and can't be popped. It swells and the lump is about 1 cm high and 3 cm wide.When I squeeze it anly clear fluid comes out. It's painful to the touch and doesn't clear up for about a week. It's not a big pimple I think. If I leave it alone it doesn't go away quicklier.Could bp help? What should I do? I don't have many pimples(about 3-4 active ones) ,and am 19yo.