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    Nature, mountains/mountain streams, love, philosophy, traveling, backpacking, biking, walking, going long distances on my own two feet, flowers, trees, hemp, dreadlocks, mind altering substances:), art, batiking/tie dying, protests, hammocks, gardening, smoke, campfires on cool nights, fall colors, rain, thunder booming and reverberating through mountains, hippie girls and passionate hippie sex :), health rainbows, fog, henry david thoreau, oh yea and clear skin :)...which i am currently working on. but hey gotta stay optomistic
  1. This conspiracy theory is as bad as the one suggesting that Princess Diana was killed by florists who wanted to sell more flowers. question for you from a money perspective: There are a number of drug companies out there who compete against each other for market share. If one company (company A) has the cure for cancer, the cure will be better than the drugs from other companies which are only somewhat effective in treating cancer. Therefore, if company A sells this drug, everyone will
  2. umm honey thats most likely not a tumor but you should probably get that checked out. and yea i would not doubt that bp causes cancer...it is a bleaching agent and a harsh chemical. and yea if it has been shown to cause cancer in higher potency, diluted bp must still be terrible for you
  3. That's the point. Diet is the missing cure. And they not only keep it a secret in the case of acne, they actively deny it. exxaccctlllyy. You guys might think im crazy for saying this...but. marijuana is a cure for cancer. Marijuana is an absolute wonder herb. If we had just discovered it yesterday, we would pray to this plant. Though, due to cultural boundaries and negative propaganda marijuana has a terrible connotation. It is next to impossible for researchers to get their hands
  4. Thanks for the advice! This is, indeed, quite encouraging! I started using ACV just yesterday, so I'm anxious to see some results within the next few weeks. I've never had pine needle tea--I've never thought about it! Unfortunately, I only have redwoods in my current location, but when I go home on break, I'll definitely give the 'ole pine trees a shot! I appreciate the suggestion, Mountainman! Not a problem! But ahhh redwoods, you are quite lucky. I saw the sequoias and redwoods la
  5. pharmaceutical companies spend billions a year on research and development for what.......to make more drugs! Have you ever, ever, ever heard of a pharmaceutical company researching ways to PREVENT a certain disease or ailment? Modern medicine only focuses on treating the symptoms of a problem, and not the problem itself. The way they treat the smyptoms is with drugs, drugs and more drugs. Thus, adding to the problem..making us even more unhealthy. You might think there aren't cures for eve
  6. hmmmm im going to try that. i feel like i reek of vinegar and tea tree oil in the mornings hahaa
  7. i take the cod liver oil from gnc and i dont experience any headaches at all. most likely it is just a coincidence
  8. i wash my face with an apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil mixture. i have been using it for a couple months now and its been working great. i can almost feel the ph balancing. my skin is thanking me for using it. Im pretty much acne free. Apple cider vinegar is really an amazing thing. it works really well for sore throats and acid reflux, it also helps you digest better. thought id just throw that out there haha
  9. dang i didnt notice you already pretty much said what i did. hahah but well put, brother. Your oil industry analogy is a realllly good way to relate it. Same sort of thing, where i live, there used to be an amazing train system. you could get anywhere in central ohio by hopping on the train. Unfortunately, the auto industry bought the railroad system and destroyed it. yep. this world has gone mad.
  10. why cant they find a cure for cancer, heart disease, diabetes? the answer is...............................................drum rolllllllllllllll. THERE IS A CURE FOR ALL OF THIS! this is depressing information, but they will never let out the cure for cancer. they will never let out the cure for diabetes (which in fact, there is a cure that works 100% of the time). If they were all the sudden to cure cancer with some miracle herb, hundreds of thousands would be out of work (cancer society,
  11. chewing defenitely makes a big difference. its funny how that is usually overlooked, even though its so practical. i tryy to chew my food well. but when i have the munchies i pretty much just try to inhale as much food and as fast as possible. ha hahah. i think a food you should pay special attention to is corn. i always wonder, if it comes out whole, did that corn give you any nutrients or energy? or was it just along for the ride
  12. yes. dont eat bad foods. just eat more good foods. like everyone said brown rice is some good stuff. brown rice and beans. yum. ive been making some curried brown rice with almonds and golden raisins. its sooo delicious. and beautifully orange. whenever i go backpacking my main food is lentils and brown rice. add some dehydrated veggies and you have a full protein, calorie packed heavy meal
  13. i dont think its fair to say it absolutely doesnt happen. there are plenty of large people out there who empty themselves like once every other day. i dont like thinking about this hahaha but there has just got to be some sort of vile smelling putrid mass of decaying mc donalds hamburgers and what not up there somewhere. hahahaaaaahahha. there are a lot of marketing schemes out there that try to convince you that you have like 30 pounds of rotting dookie up there.....which is definitely an e
  14. well, what doesnt cause acne. dont worry about it. tomatoes are good for you.period.