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    trying to live life without having to worry about the way i look when i wake up early in the morning
  1. Never rush soemthing that you don't feel comfortable with you will know en the time comes, cause if your not ready then well obviously your not ready, don't let anyone change your mind cause your decisions make you who you really are take care and try to enjoy life a bit more. sex shouldnt be about love. it is a activity you get pleasure from and to calm down hormones! I hate having sex with a condom as it doesnt feel nearly as good!
  2. Im really sorry to hear that happen to you, my advise , have you ever tried exercising regularly?it really helps...i mean like really sweating out. My recommendation is for you do do daily exercise about 20 minutes a day or until you really sweat lot, try to avoid wearing any clothes during the exercise so your skin does not get irritated by rubbing onto the sweat...i guess well wear as less as you can closed the door in your room and take everything off and then really sweat it your skin will l
  3. I can relate to this sooooo much...I tottaly agree with, there are time when i here my parents and their like "hey you look horrible! what the hell did u eat?" or other times " Did u wash your face well how come you got some many" LIKE WE DON'T KNOW ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I M a guy and it still hurts a lot getting comments like I try my best to take care of my damn skin but no matter what it still breaks out, I mean some people just dodn't understand
  4. Ppersonally I would say stay OFF acutane...it can be really harmfull for your body and in severe cases it has awfull side effects, have you ever tried working out on a regular bases; like 20 minutes a day but you really have to sweat it out, it's kinda working for me by the way, ive seen my skin get way better, i use BP and work out daily try that , i hope it works for you
  5. I totally agree with you, i feel the same way dermatologists just tell you to keep comming it's like they just want ur money, i have the same probelm, he keeps telling me that acne will eventually fade while he just experiments on you with different creams
  6. hey, have u tried working out regularly, and i mean to really sweat it out, cause i have and while using BP and moistorizers im seeing an improvent on my overrall skin, take care